What colors iPhone 8 are there and which one is better to choose?

The purchase of an iPhone is rarely a random event. Before making an expensive purchase, you should decide on the model, the amount of built-in memory, and the color of the smartphone. iPhone 7 and 7+ get an expanded range of shades: gold, silver, black onyx, red, gold, rose gold and matte black. For the iPhone 8, the body colors are a little poorer, in September the company presented options: “Space Gray”, “Silver” and “Gold”. In April 2018, iPhone RED appeared in an additional series.

Body colors iPhone 8 and 8 Plus

In iPhone 8 colors were not chosen by chance. Modern smartphones do not differ in variety – the screen and one button. Therefore Apple emphasizes device personalization. From the first years of operation, the company tried to move away from the usual vision of smartphones only in black or white. Shades were selected by a special team of designers, as a result, exclusive tones for “apple” gadgets.

What colors iPhone 8 are there and which one is better to choose?

Pink and black

The developers considered the change in the case material to be a sufficient innovation in terms of design and decided to limit the lineup to three colors. The iPhone 8 pink, like the black one, is not presented in the 2018 models. The meager selection of shades is compensated by the updated rear panel. Now it is not made of an alloy of metal, but of tempered glass. The smooth, glossy surface looks expensive in any color.

Gray space

For iPhone 8, body colors with photos on the network appeared in early September 2017 and immediately became the hit of the season. Apple abandoned the usual black case, so a smartphone in dark colors is possible only in the Space Gray version.

Such a screen is effective when watching video, the display merges with black frames, creating the feeling of a solid screen. The color came out a little lighter than last year's matte black, but it does not lose its charm.


In the iPhone 8 plus, colors with the Silver prefix are considered a universal solution. Firstly, they are suitable for men, women, people of different social status, income and place of work. Secondly, the silver body is the least susceptible to scratches and fingerprints.

What colors iPhone 8 are there and which one is better to choose?

Any other company would call Silver the color white, but Apple is reluctant to use standard designations for their models.


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In iPhone 8 plus, the gold-tinged colors differ from model to year. The company tries to experiment with the range, and pamper users with exclusive models.

The Gold iPhone 8 and 8 Plus has become a revised version of Gold and Rose Gold. Thanks to the change in the material of the rear panel, the new case turned out to be copper rather than yellow. Luxurious color with a pink tint captivates at first sight. It is noteworthy that the model can hardly be called purely feminine; for the male, the golden iPhone will also be relevant.

Field testing has shown that the Gold case is moderately resistant to wear. In terms of these characteristics, it loses in comparison with 'Silver', where scratches are practically invisible, but outperforms 'Black', the most susceptible color to chips.


Apple is renowned for its meticulous approach to every aspect of its smartphones. Each color has a history of origin, legend or special purpose. The iPhone 8 RED series was a limited edition and part of the proceeds went to charity. We managed to raise $ 260 million, which were directed to AIDS treatment.

What colors iPhone 8 are there and which one is better to choose?

But in the case of the iPhone 7 and 7+, the designers had a misfire. The matte red body with white frames did not look very good, to put it mildly. A year later, the developers fixed the problem by releasing a stunning and unique red iPhone 8. The color turned out to be gorgeous thanks largely to the glass back panel, the gloss and scarlet tone matched perfectly. The black frame around the display adds an additional nobility. At the same time, the tone is not at all vulgar and annoying, but rather sexy and exciting.

The new building received only positive reviews. Users concluded that Apple reinvented red. In the sun, the smartphone looks like part of a scarlet fire.

iPhone 8: which color should you choose?

Choosing a case for a smartphone is a subjective matter. There are two selection criteria: beauty and practicality. Although Apple tries to combine both of these concepts, it is difficult to achieve the perfect balance.

What colors iPhone 8 are there and which one is better to choose?

In 2015-2016, for glamorous girls, the iPhone 8 plus pink was the favorite solution, in 2017-2018 the choice was less, the alternative was Gold with a pinkish warm shade. The most popular shade continues to be 'Silver', which resists damage to the panel and display.

If you cannot decide on the model, do not be lazy, go to the salon and hold the smartphone in your hands, response emotions will prompt the desired color.

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