What does the postscript 'Like new' mean for iPhone 6S 64gb?

When buying an apple phone, the user is looking for moves in order to save money on the purchase. The most obvious way is to purchase not a regular version, but a remanufactured version, which is marked 'Like new' in stores.

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What does the postscript 'Like new' mean for iPhone 6S 64gb? These phones are no different from an ordinary Apple phone. Except that it was in use, but the user will not find traces of this. However, not all iPhone models are remanufactured. The best option is iPhone 6S with 64 gigabytes of internal memory.

So what are these phones? The 'refurbished' mark means that the phone has already been used by someone and was handed over to Apple under the Traid-In program to receive a discount on the purchase of a more modern device. After that, the Cupertinos replace all the parts in the phone, leaving only the serial number. As a result, the restored device is no different from a completely new one, with the exception of the box design. Even accessories like Lightning wire, Power adapter and headphones will be new. But you will need to pay for such a phone an amount that is about 20% less. Refurbished devices are guaranteed from Apple for one year, according to which they are repaired free of charge.

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