What headphones do you put in the box for iPhone?

Starting with the first iPhone, the company's branded headphones Apple – EarPods are put in the box. After some time, they changed the appearance and improved the sound quality. It happened in 2012, when iPhone 5 was presented to the world. Until now, no attempts have been made to remake the headphones, except for replacing the way they are connected with Lightning in iPhone 7 and subsequent models. But even the absence of changes does not prevent them from being at the top of the market for inexpensive headphones. What headphones do you put in the box for iPhone? They are estimated, by the way, only 2 thousand rubles. For such a low cost, the user gets excellent headphones that reproduce high and low frequencies equally well, have a multifunctional control panel and a comfortable shape.

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Also recently, a wireless version of the headphones was presented, which are charged using a special container. Their name is AirPods.

What headphones do you put in the box for iPhone?

In form and sound, they practically do not differ from traditional headphones, but their functionality is much higher due to their interaction with Siri. They cost, naturally, more – 12 thousand rubles. They also do not come with any iPhone.

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