What iPhone looks like 6

We propose to consider from all angles the appearance of the smartphone from Apple: iPhone 6. Even if this model is outdated in terms of technical characteristics, it looks nice outwardly. There are three color options: space gray, gold and silver. The first looks attractive, and the rest are just as good.

What iPhone looks like 6

The new iPhone is made exclusively from high quality materials. Lightweight metal body, neat rounded edges and oil-repellent display that will let you easily remove any dirt from the screen. All of this will make you feel like this is the best thing you have ever held in your hands. Indeed, when the iPhone 6 first falls into your hands, you will want to stick to it. And for a long time, because he reacts instantly to touching his fingers, and the feeling from touching his fingers is pleasant.

If you already have experience using Apple's line of smartphones, then the size of the new IPhone will not seem large to you. Due to the subtlety, it seems that it is even somewhat smaller than the new flagship smartphones, but this is not so. The dimensions of the six differ from the 5s: it has become thinner, wider and taller.

What iPhone looks like 6

The on / off button is now located on the right side of the case, which distinguishes the new model from the old ones. It is convenient to turn off the phone, in comparison with the fives, (although as anyone). IPhone 5 owners take a long time to get used to the new layout, but admit that the increase in size makes the smartphone even better.


Well, the “Home” button and the lever for switching sound to vibration remained in the same place, as well as the TouchID function, with which it is not only easier to unlock the phone, but also to make purchases in the iTunes Store and AppStore. The iPhone is unlocked faster than previous generations. Even if it’s far from the button of the seven, but, in comparison with the five, progress is visible.


The screen of the new IPhone 6 is completely different from previous versions: the resolution and density are improved, there is a feeling that the phone does not have glass at all, and pressing occurs directly on the display. We emphasize this once again as a bold plus for the six.

Let's talk about the advantages of enlarging the screen:

  1. Convenience when entering text – the size of the keyboard can now be increased or added another: for example, Android Swipe.
  2. Browser scrolling – even more information on the screen. Articles on iphone-gps are easier to read.
  3. Watching Movies and TV Shows – Improved quality and response will make you enjoy watching.
  4. Books and magazines are now more colorful and easier to read.

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What iPhone looks like 6

The operating system also works great on the new phone – smooth animations and high-speed performance will pleasantly surprise the user. Updates are coming to the smartphone, unlike the 5s.


The camera's resolution is still 8 megapixels, but it sticks out a little from the body when viewed from the side. The view is somewhat similar to the camera of the seven. What matters is what works great and produces bright and beautiful shots that look great on the new display. Just a quick glimpse of how easy it is to zoom in on images.

The front camera was optimized for selfie lovers – put on a timer and take a few frames, from which the iPhone will choose the best one. The video camera has also improved – now it shoots at a speed of 240 frames per second and has a slow motion mode. Slow-mo with a snowball throw in winter looks great. The main thing is not to get into the camera.

What iPhone looks like 6


The sound will pleasantly surprise – it is clear, loud, with the ability to reproduce low frequencies, good bass. There is no stereo speaker, and there is only one speaker itself, but this does not affect the quality and volume in any way. Subscription to Apple music – and life is good. The 3.5 mm jack is in place, music lovers are not outraged that it is impossible to listen to music and charge the phone at the same time.

What iPhone looks like 6


The battery of the phone is quite capacious, and, importantly, it charges very quickly. It should take no more than an hour and a half to fully charge. Voila, the gadget is ready to go again. Do not pay attention to the problem of insufficient charge. A single charge with active use lasts 12 hours (with 4G and high brightness).


Speaking about the impressions of the new IPhone 6, I will say that the smartphone has taken a step forward. The dimensions of the smartphone in general, and the screen in particular, seriously distinguish it from the 5s. But he is still a status and gives a sense of his own superiority.

While retaining basic characteristics such as attractiveness and charm from possession, it has become much more high-tech and meets modern parameters.
The product is not something qualitatively new, but it retained its position Apple in the phone market – it is still the best smartphone in the segment.

What iPhone looks like 6

The cost of the new IPhone 6 varies from thirty to forty thousand rubles, depending on the amount of smartphone memory (from 16 to 128 gigabytes). As for us, this is adequate money to join the “IPhone Owners Club”. The new gadget was recommended by me for purchase to the owners of older versions of the IPhone, the gadget came out very pleasant and fast, and to the owners Android – the performance was improved and the screen was enlarged, which was the “bone of contention” in the top five.

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