What is CPO iPhone 6S

Coming to a store with the aim of purchasing a new iPhone, a person will be faced with such a situation that the cost of two completely identical phones will differ greatly. True, one of them will be marked 'Reconditioned' or 'CPO', which means Certified Pre-owned. Simply put, such devices have once been used by another person, but then, after going through certain stages of recovery, they again hit the shelves. How can this be?

A popular CPO tagged device is the iPhone 6S. At the same time, it is impossible to buy a new version for 16 gigabytes of memory – only a restored one.

What is CPO iPhone 6S

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So, how is it that official resellers Apple sell used phones? It's all about a special offer from Apple. Its essence is that any person who has an old iPhone, having brought it to the official service, can give up his device and get a discount on the purchase of a new one. Its size depends on the condition and age of the model of your device.

A person leaves happy with a new phone, and his old one does not stop living – everything is just beginning. The device is sent to the headquarters of the company, where certain manipulations with the restoration are performed with it. Absolutely everything is replaced: cables, battery, screen, case and the like. Only the motherboard remains, if there are no problems with it (this is the basic rule of handing over the phone to Trade-In). Further, the iPhone is packed in a simple box, which has a note that the device is refurbished, and receives a set of new headphones and charging. After all this, he goes to the sales centers, where his cost must differ by about a third from a simple phone. Also, the device is also given a guarantee from Apple in one year.

What is CPO iPhone 6S

CPO Box iPhone 6S

A bold conclusion suggests itself – CPO iPhone 6S does not differ at all from a simple one and you can safely buy it without fear that you will get a low-quality product.

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