What is iPhone without Touch ID

Quite often, when buying a phone through various sites, you can see the following note: 'Touch ID does not work'. However, the seller assures you that the device is fully functional and has never been repaired. Is this a lie?

The answer to this question is unequivocal – yes! Any iPhone, new or refurbished by the company Apple, always has a working scanner. There is only one way to get a phone without a touch ID – by purchasing the so-called 'Frankinstein'. This is a device that is assembled into one of several. For example, one phone did not have a screen, another had a board, a third had a speaker, and so on. All whole parts were collected from them and assembled in one case. But with the fingerprint scanner, things are not so simple.

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What is iPhone without Touch ID

It cannot be replaced in any way without the intervention of an authorized service center Apple. The fact is that each button with a scanner is tied to a specific motherboard and there is no way to separate them. Accordingly, a third-party button will not work to take a fingerprint if you put it on your phone. This is done so that no one can receive data from your device in this way. Until now, no one has been able to bypass this protection.

So we make an obvious conclusion – any gadget that does not take a fingerprint was either repaired or assembled from several phones.

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