What is Night Shift y iPhone

For a long time iOS has an option that helps the iPhone user fall asleep faster.

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Its essence is extremely simple – it paints everything that is displayed on the screen of the gadget in warm yellow tones. Many tests and trials were carried out, which confirmed the fact that yellow acts on a person as a sleeping pill, and Apple decided to integrate this chip into its operating system. The name was given to her Night Shift.

    1. It is easy to activate and configure the function. As always, go to 'Settings' and look for the item 'Display and brightness'.

What is Night Shift y iPhone

  1. Next, go to the 'Night Shift' tab. What is Night Shift y iPhone What is Night Shift y iPhone

This is where the function setting comes in. The user can choose the time at which it will turn on itself, forcibly activate it, and also adjust the color intensity. After activating it, the option will also appear in the control center of the gadget.

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