What is unlock iPhone

What is unlock iPhone

Unlock (unlock, unlock) – the process of 'unlinking' a mobile phone iPhone from an operator, which allows you to work with SIM cards of any mobile operator. Unlocking is necessary if your iPhone was purchased with a contract of a specific cellular operator (usually from phones purchased in the USA), but you want to use a SIM card from another operator.

Attention! Unlock is a completely software process, but it should be approached with caution, since the process changes the baseband firmware – the phone's radio module. As a result of incorrect firmware, you can completely lose the ability to make calls.

How do I unlock?

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As a rule, the unlocking utilities are installed from the Cydia program. In order for this program to appear with you, you must first perform the jailbreak procedure.

Official Unlock

In addition to software unlock, it is possible to untie iPhone from the telecom operator in an official way. Apple has given mobile companies the ability to handle this issue with users themselves. If the contract with which the phone was purchased is already closed and there are no debts on it, then, as a rule, such devices are untied on demand. Вот пример обращения в службу поддержки At&T. They work in a similar way in other companies. Each case has its own characteristics.

If you need an official unlock, you can contact [email protected] I can recommend a proven service where it is inexpensive (900 rubles) to provide such a service.

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