What problems can arise during use iPhone X

The iPhone X is the latest smartphone from the famous company Apple. The device went on sale in mid-autumn 2017.

But you shouldn't rush to purchase this phone. Many experts note that the owners of the flagship smartphone Apple complain about the case iPhone X, speaker and battery problems, constantly occurring screen errors and instability of many functions.

What problems can arise during use iPhone X


Many owners of iPhone X have various screen problems. The most common ones are:

  • the screen practically does not work in rooms with low temperatures;
  • a green stripe and a 'mesh' appear;
  • unstable work of Face ID .

Doesn't work at low temperatures

Most users iPhone X face this problem. In rooms with temperatures around 0 ° C and below, the smartphone simply does not respond to touching the screen. Such information quickly spread on Internet news portals and received wide publicity.

The developers of the phone acknowledged the existence of this problem in their product and advised customers to wait for the next firmware of the smartphone software, which, in their opinion, should fix such problems. Also, the company Apple apologized to the buyers and asked the owners of this smartphone to temporarily restrict its use in rooms with low temperatures.

What problems can arise during use iPhone X

The developers do not disclose the reasons for the screen malfunctions and promise to fix everything as soon as possible.

Green bar and grid on the screen

A small percentage of users iPhone X notes that there is 1 more problem when using the phone: a green bar appears on the display. The peculiarity of this problem is that it does not appear immediately after the first switching on of the smartphone, but after its long use. This problem does not disappear when you restart your smartphone.

What problems can arise during use iPhone X

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Also, clients Apple highlight the following problem with this device: when the display brightness changes to the minimum, a 'mesh' appears on the screen. The developers claim that if we consider this device problem in detail, then the 'grid' disappears upon reboot.

For the final solution to screen problems that appear in the form of a green bar or 'mesh', the developers recommend the following to clients Apple:

  1. Wait for the corresponding software firmware.
  2. Contact the service representative in your area.

Face ID

Face ID is the latest technology for recognizing the face of phone users iPhone X. There are the following problems with this feature when trying to unlock your smartphone:

  1. The recognition function does not work the first time. In such a situation, smartphone users have to try to unlock their devices several times, which creates some inconvenience.
  2. The system is easily hacked. This is due to the fact that relatives or strangers with minimal external resemblance to the user himself can hack this system and unlock the phone in order to further use it.

What problems can arise during use iPhone X

It is important to consider the fact that the Face ID feature of the smartphone for face scanning did not work correctly even at the first presentation of the phone. The developers promised to fix this problem in the next model by replacing the technology used. They said that they will install a special sensor on the phone, which will help improve the quality of work on recognizing users' faces.


The developers of iPhone X did not perfect the body of this smartphone either. Phone owners identify the following problems:

  1. The fragility of the device. If dropped on a hard surface, the case may crack and the glass back may break. Therefore, users should use the phone with care and take care of purchasing special security accessories in advance. What problems may arise during use iPhone X
  2. There is dust under the glass of the camera. Dust can only be noticed in good lighting conditions. Debris should not fall under the camera glass. Therefore, buyers of this phone should check the device before purchasing for such a defect.
  3. Paint will peel off the body. This problem occurs in a small number of device users. The developers explain this by the incorrect operating conditions of the smartphone. What problems may arise during use iPhone X


Some iPhone X users claim that sometimes the speaker is accompanied by the presence of extraneous noise, which manifests itself in the form of crackling and hum. This problem occurs in the following situations:

  • while listening to music and watching videos at maximum volume;
  • when the alarm rings;
  • when making hands-free phone calls.

The company Apple has not yet officially commented on this problem and suggested that smartphone owners contact the service center for troubleshooting.


Battery capacity iPhone X is small. The phone is quickly discharged and turns off even at low loads. The developers of this device distinguish the following ways to solve this problem:

  1. It is necessary to follow the rules of using the phone and storage, to avoid overheating.
  2. Reduce the backlight of the screen. The maximum brightness setting consumes a lot of battery power.
  3. You can temporarily disable phone functions that are not constantly used, for example, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, etc.
  4. Disable applications that are in standby mode. This will optimize smartphone performance.

What problems may arise during use iPhone X

Compliance with the above rules when using a smartphone will reduce the amount of energy it consumes and extend its life.

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