What problems may arise during use iPhone 8, 8 Plus

When buying iPhone 8 problems occur in isolated cases. The quality of the smartphone is not satisfactory, marriage is rare. Users iPhone, while making a purchase, can check the health of the device and the main nuances of its operation. However, in most cases this is not necessary, because the manufacturers have tried to fix the problems that the predecessors of the gadget have.

What problems may arise during the use of iPhone 8/8 Plus

Screen problems

The main problem is the screen clicks or does not fit snugly. These defects are most common, despite the fact that the coating of the device is able to protect its parts from moisture and dust. This problem can be seen especially clearly at the top of the screen, in the place where the speaker is located. If you press the screen, you will hear a characteristic click, so you can test the smartphone even when you buy it.

Such nuances indicate inadequate assembly quality, which should not be in a product of this price category. This defect can be seen on the 8 and 8 Plus models as well.

Screen problems can occur if the device is not properly transported. If the smartphone is dropped from a height, some parts may come off and the image quality may suffer.

What problems may arise during the use of iPhone 8/8 Plus

Most display defects are caused by moisture getting into the case. In this case, the contacts are oxidized, which provokes the instability of the operation of individual elements.

An additional factor in this case is the improper build quality of the case, the presence of gaps and other errors. In extreme cases, unstable playback is associated with a software bug. This is rare, since the manufacturer iPhone 8/8 Plus is responsible for the software of its devices.

Bloated battery

Such a marriage iPhone occurs in isolated cases and most often on 8 Plus. The reason is not fully known, but such a problem can lead to sad consequences and even a short circuit during charging. The phone can simply burn out.

Therefore, before buying an expensive device, you need to take into account such a defect. The battery can also swell during charging. A Japanese entrepreneur complained to the company that his battery literally exploded when plugged in.

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What problems may arise during the use of iPhone 8/8 Plus

A similar problem may be associated with improper storage of the battery, which may cause moisture or other similar nuances. Swelling is caused by the accumulation of gas inside the battery. When the internal temperature rises, the problem is aggravated, as a result of which the battery itself may burst, damage the device body and some parts. In this case, it will be difficult to repair the phone.

Wheezing speaker

If the basic settings are in order, then this problem also occurs in isolated cases. The speaker may wheeze or distort the sound. Users faced with this marriage note that the voice of the interlocutor is heard as if from a vacuum.

Such a blemish may be associated with a moisture-proof coating, but there is a similar problem only on certain models. Before buying a smartphone, it is advisable to make sure the sound quality of the speakers and test them.

In this case, an additional nuisance may be detected – the presence of clicks, crackling and other extraneous sounds while listening to music and talking. This problem is common in almost all models. The manufacturers themselves do not deny this and promise to correct the defect, although it is not present on all devices.

What problems may arise during the use of iPhone 8/8 Plus

The problem can be traced while listening to music using a headset. With prolonged use, the smartphone needs to be cleaned from the ingress of foreign particles, but if the defect was discovered immediately after purchase, then the device must be returned under warranty.

Another reason the speaker wheezes can be a powerful processor. With an increased load on it, characteristic sounds appear, which affect the quality of music playback. The more intensively the processor is loaded, the more distinct the defect.

Dusty chamber

Problems with the camera also arise in isolated cases. Such a flaw can be seen already at the time of purchase and abandon the defective model. Such a defect can degrade the quality of shooting. In this case, the photo will be with foreign inclusions. If the iPhone has already been purchased and there is no way to return it, then you should gently knock on the body in the camera area. This will cause dust grains to fall from the lens.

What problems may arise during the use of iPhone 8/8 Plus

The problem is insufficient tightness. The problem can be eliminated only after disassembling the device; it is not possible to remove accumulations of dust at home. This situation is not always the result of a factory defect. If the smartphone was dropped, depressurization could occur, as a result of which dust began to accumulate in the camera area.

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