What processor does iPhone 8

Today, the company's latest phone Apple – iPhone 8, is the most productive gadget on the mobile market. This is largely due to the processor, which is installed in the device – A11 Bionic.

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This processor received 6 physical cores, four of which work constantly, and two more are connected at a time of heavy load. Each of them has an operating frequency of 2.4 GHz. Also, this processor has got its own graphics coprocessor with three cores.

What processor does iPhone 8

These characteristics allow the device to easily handle heavy applications, as well as view and edit 4K video. In any test, except for multi-core, the A11 will outperform every competitor in terms of performance.

There is no doubt that this processor will remain relevant for a long time, because it is several times cooler than the hardware that the company Apple put into gadgets a couple of years ago. The same A9 allows you to solve absolutely any problem. Accordingly, the A11 will cope with them even faster.

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