What SIM card is in iPhone different models

Over the past 10 years, mobile operators' SIM cards have evolved to ultra-small sizes. Phone makers had no time to adapt devices to new trends, and people had to use adapters. When buying a smartphone, it is important to know which SIM card is in the iPhone 5 S and older models.

Types of SIM cards

Types of SIM cards for iphone

Three SIM card options:

1. Standard version 15×20 mm, suitable for older models. When changing the phone, the old card is taken to the operator's office, where it is replaced with a suitable sample. It is not recommended to cut the SIM card yourself, it is so easy to damage the card and the slot in the smartphone.

2. Micro-sim 12×12 mm. I went to the fourth generation iPhone models.

3. Nano-sim. The developers managed to reduce the card to a minimum size. This is the sim card size for iPhone 5 and later.

Smartphones after 2015-2016 are already equipped with nano-sim slots. Earlier models will require adapters.

What SIM card is in iPhone 4?

What SIM card is in iPhone 4?

The iPhone 4 was released in 2010, the model is still considered a classic of digital technology from Apple. 8 years ago, the gadget became a hit and proof of the superiority of an American firm. Today, the iPhone 4 is sold only from hands. When purchasing a 2019 model, a reasonable question arises of how to adapt a modern ultra-small SIM card to a slot. For these purposes, the cellular operator offers to replace the card with a suitable one or purchase an adapter.

What SIM card is needed for iPhone 5 and newer?

What SIM card is needed for iPhone 5 and newer?
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Since the fifth generation, all iPhones, as well as smartphones from other companies, use nano-format SIM cards. The size of the card is 8.8×12.3 mm. To find out which SIM card is in the iPhone 8, see the instructions or contact the office of the mobile operator. Here you can find the right card size for your particular model.

How many SIM cards are supported iPhone?

How many SIM cards are supported iPhone?

The answer to the question of how many SIM cards are in the iPhone 5S is obvious, until 2018 Apple had no devices that could work with two SIM cards at the same time. Before the release of the long-awaited 'seven', users wondered how many SIM cards there are in iPhone 7. Other manufacturers have long made smartphones with two and three SIM cards, but Apple stubbornly resisted the trend. It took another 3 years before the engineers risked adding an additional slot to the gadget. The first iPhones with two SIM cards were iPhone XS and XS max.

What is eSIM?

An electronic SIM card for iPhone or eSIM is already used by third-party manufacturers, in the company's devices Apple it appeared in the iPhone XS. eSIM is a chip built into the case, which is programmed depending on the carrier used.

The transition to such a technology is logical, why should each operator issue separate cards when it is easier to configure the phone itself to the network parameters. ESIM provides 2-3 profiles, that is, the ability to use 2-3 operators at once. Benefits of using eSIM:

What is eSIM

1. Manufacturers have gotten the freedom to design smartphones. A stationary SIM card can be placed in any part of the case, freeing up space for other elements.

2. The rejection of the open slot automatically increases the dust and moisture protection of the device.

3. But the owner wins the most. He does not need to change cards, look for a suitable one, the masters will reprogram the eSIM for the parameters.

Russian operators are in no hurry to switch to the new format yet. In Russia, only profiles of foreign companies are available, the cost of calls for which exceeds all imaginable sizes.

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