What to do after you bought iPhone

For some users, buying an iPhone is almost the main goal for a month, a year or some other period of time. But, it often happens that after purchasing it, they simply do not know what to do with it next.

In this article, we will try to figure out what needs to be done to bring it into a working state.

What to do after you bought iPhone

First you need to remove the phone from the box.

For this we remove the cellophane layer, after which we carefully pull the upper part of the box towards ourselves.

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After that, the cherished device will appear before us.

Then it is worth removing the accessories – a clip for removing the SIM card, headphones and charging.

We take the phone in our hands and remove the protective film from it by gently pulling the tab near the bottom edge of the device. You can leave it to prevent the gadget from scratching, but then it will not be very convenient to use the Home button.

What to do after you bought iPhone

The next step will be the initial setup of the phone.

  1. To do this, open the SIM card slot with a paper clip and insert our own there.
  2. Then you can turn on the device. We follow all the instructions on the screen, carefully reading the description, as much of what the system offers the user simply does not need.
  3. At one point, an option will appear with the transfer of data from an old gadget – a useful thing if you want to leave photos, messages, music and other data. If there is a desire to start everything from scratch, then select the item by setting the device as new.
  4. Continue following the instructions until the screen displays' The iPhone is ready to use. Welcome!'.

That's it, this completes the initial setup of the gadget and you can start using the phone as usual, filling in any necessary information and content.

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