What to do if after updating iPhone it does not turn on

If you have a question of what to do if the iPhone does not turn on after updating, you should investigate the reasons that caused this problem.

iPhone does not turn on after update: what to do

The reasons

If the device has been in operation for more than one year, iPhone was often repaired, its parts were changed, then iPhone does not turn on after the update due to 'smart' automatic diagnostics.

This system is built into the new firmware to restrict users of apple products, so that analogs of lower cost components are not installed on the iPhone.

When updating the OS, the serial number of the microcircuit tied to the 'motherboard' is checked. If the spare part is not original, the smartphone will turn off.

Why does the 5s not turn on after updating iPhone? Starting with version 5 devices, the fingerprint scanner has an identification number that is tied to a unique processor identifier. If you replace it without reflashing the phone, it will not turn on.

what to do if the iPhone does not turn on after updating

The OS bug, due to which it is impossible to turn on the device, is not always associated with the updated firmware. Sometimes another chip is damaged that used to function normally.

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A list of other reasons due to which the gadget does not work:

  • The battery is discharged.
  • The device is overcooled.
  • The 'save' mode is on.
  • The system memory chip is not working.
  • In the location where the user is located, for some unknown reason, the phone is not tied to the system provider.
  • The OS crashed because it was performing a factory reset or otherwise.
  • The iPhone 5 does not turn on after the update due to the breakage of the on / off button.
iphone won't turn on after update

If the cause of the malfunction is simple, the user will be able to restore the operation of the device independently. But it is better to trust the employees of the service center, especially if the smartphone is under warranty.

Charging the battery correctly

What to do if iPhone won't turn on after updating? If the charge is at zero, then the gadget needs to be recharged for at least 1 hour. It is also worth doing if iPhone X does not turn on.

In cold weather, the battery drains quickly. In this case, the phone needs to warm up to room temperature, then it is charged. If this condition is not met and a cold smartphone is charged, the temperature difference will lead to condensation, a short circuit will occur, and the gadget will stop functioning.

after updating the iPhone 5s does not turn on

If charging did not help, iPhone 6 does not turn on after the update, a hard restart will help.

Hard reboot

How to turn on iPhone after updating? A hard restart is required. In half the cases, this manipulation will help 'revive' the SE or other model. The user needs to simultaneously hold 2 buttons: the console and the side, which includes the gadget. We expect 3-5 seconds.

after updating the iPhone 6 does not turn on

Restore using proprietary software Apple

If the previous methods did not help and the iPhone 6s does not turn on after the update, it is recommended to follow the procedure:

  1. The outdated iTunes software from your PC is removed and reinstalled. We find it on the official website of the developer. There is a high probability of damage to the old version of the program by viruses, so it does not function properly.
  2. We connect the device to a PC to synchronize it with iTunes when the gadget is operating in Device Firmware Update mode.
  3. If version 10 was installed iOS, it is better to try 9 as it works more stable. A return to the previous system is necessary if the phone cannot be rebooted on the updated iOS.
  4. We connect the smartphone to the PC, wait for the moment when iTunes is activated.
  5. The power button and 'Home' are pinned and held until a window appears prompting you to restore and reset the software.
  6. We select the recovery mode, we wait until the procedure is over.
iphone 5s won't turn on after updating

It is recommended to back up all the information on the phone, because after the upgrade the system sometimes crashes, the firmware flies, the OS needs to be reinstalled, and all data will be deleted.

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