What to do if iPhone does not turn on

Apple's smartphones remain popular in the global mobile electronics market. It is possible to list the advantages of the device endlessly – in addition to its impressive appearance, the iPhone is equipped with advanced technologies. Over time, the apparatus breaks down – this is a normal phenomenon, scientists have not invented an eternal technique. If iPhone does not turn on, you should not panic ahead of time, the owner of the device will be able to solve some of the problems on his own, without a visit to the service center to the specialists.

Black display

Iphone x black screen

Happy owners of smartphones Apple often don't know why the iPhone won't turn on. There are many reasons, ranging from problems with updating and flashing the device, ending with falls and 'bathing' the smartphone in the river. A black display that does not respond to touch is the main symptom of phone problems. A similar error occurs in most cases due to malfunctions in the operating platform, as well as when the device is completely discharged. IPhones do not like the harsh Russian winters, so they do not tolerate a long stay in the cold – the battery loses its capacity and the smartphone turns off. But it does not always turn on back, even if the device is warmed up at room temperature. Instead of a welcome screen, the owner sees only a dark display with no signs of 'life', even after the battery is fully charged. A common mistake that a forced restart of a smartphone will solve – this advice has been tested by owners of different generations of iPhones.

To reboot your smartphone, determine the device model – the process is different for old and new versions.

  1. Older devices iPhone 6S. Press and hold the Home button and volume up key for 10 seconds.
  2. Seventh generation devices. Press and hold the volume down key and the Home button for 10 seconds.
  3. Models of the eighth generation and above reboot differently – quickly press the volume up key. Then repeat the action with the volume down key. Then hold the side button until the logo appears on the display.

Force restarting the device is an 'ambulance' when errors occur iPhone. It should be noted that user files and accounts will remain safe, the smartphone will simply restart the utilities responsible for the correct operation of the device.

IPhone does not respond to button presses

Why iPhone won't turn on

It happens that the physical buttons of the smartphone stop working, the iPhone does not respond to pressing, although the display works normally and responds to touching the sensor. In such cases, rebooting the device also helps – this can be easily done from the settings menu, the function is provided by the manufacturer. The smartphone will restart, removing software errors, so the buttons will work as usual. Interestingly, there are times when, during normal operation of the smartphone, the keys fail, and the forced restart is triggered. It's another matter if the iPhone does not turn on due to a malfunction of the power button. The mechanism is delicate, requires careful handling, but as a result of falling or oxidation, the button fails. Turning off the Apple device is not difficult, but getting it to work back is problematic if the device's power button does not work.

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In such cases, you will have to contact the service center, it is important to restore the damaged button – the key will come in handy more than once. The 'Power' button plays a decisive role, but what if the iPhone won't turn on and it's urgent to call? In such a case, smartphone users give advice – the device should be connected to any power source. A computer, charging, PowerBank will do – when you receive power, the iPhone will turn on. But it's worth thinking about repairing the device, who knows when the next time iPhone will turn off – suddenly there will be no charging at hand.

IPhone won't turn on - what to do

If the logo hangs on the screen, and then the iPhone does not turn on, experienced users of apple products will prompt what to do in such situations. The device often freezes at the stage of loading the operating platform, and as a result the owner has to be content with the logo. The main problem is that a forced reboot of the device does not always work, you need a different solution to the problem. Unplug your smartphone to turn off the screen. On your computer, download the iTunes program for working with devices Apple from the official website. It is worth choosing the latest version to be compatible with both the device and the computer. Then it is important to follow the instructions clearly:

  • connect the device to a computer using the supplied cable;
  • open the program and find the specified device in the list;
  • go to the 'Overview' tab;
  • click on the 'Update' button;
  • confirm the action by clicking 'Download and update'.

Then you need to wait for the device to update without trying to turn off or restart the smartphone. In fact, the firmware is being updated, which will erase the errors that invariably occur during operation iOS. Also, a similar algorithm will help if the smartphone goes into a bootlap – a cyclic reboot. The phone lights up, hangs on the logo for a few seconds, and then turns off and the cycle starts over. And this continues until the battery is completely discharged. The main thing is not to disconnect iPhone from the computer during the firmware update process, otherwise you will get a 'brick'. Only a master in the service center can restore the device to work.

DFU mode

iPhone does not turn on - what to do

The last hope for problems with iPhone remains the DFU mode. This algorithm is designed in case there are problems with the firmware. For example, if the iPhone does not turn on after an incorrect update, or a critical failure occurs in the system. You shouldn't panic ahead of time, the factory firmware recovery mode will bring the device back to life. This also requires installing iTunes on your computer and connecting your smartphone using a special cable supplied. It is also important to strictly follow the instructions in order not to finally break the expensive mobile device.

  1. Find your smartphone in the list of devices. You may need to enter a password.
  2. Go to the 'Overview' tab and find the 'Recover' item.
  3. Confirm your choice by clicking another 'Restore' button in the window that opens.
  4. Wait for the rollback iPhone to complete to the factory settings.

After completion, the smartphone will turn on, but the user will have to re-enter information about himself, accounts and the necessary files, because the iPhone will become 'clean' and return to the state of the newly purchased device.

Before you panic, rule out commonplace reasons why the iPhone won't turn on – perhaps the battery is just dead. Check the integrity of the charger and exclude mechanical damage. Remember if the iPhone fell, if the owner tried to open the beer with his smartphone – anything can happen. If the above methods did not correct the situation, then the phone will have to be taken to a service center for diagnostics – the master will figure out what is the cause of the breakdown, inside iPhone there are a lot of mechanical parts and fragile loops.

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