What to do if iPhone falls and does not turn on

The company's products Apple are considered to be quite durable, especially the latest iPhones, as they are half made of metal. Therefore, it is difficult to damage them so that they fail. However, there are situations when the phone falls unsuccessfully, for example, on stones and stops turning on. What to do in such a situation?

There can be many reasons for device failure.

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First of all, it is worth determining what exactly has suffered – the screen or the internal elements. It happens that the display does not show anything, but in fact the phone is turned on and functions as usual. It is not difficult to identify this – just switch the device from silent to normal mode and vice versa using the switch on the left side. If this action was accompanied by vibration, then the point is definitely in the screen. A simple replacement should help.

What to do if iPhone falls and does not turn on

Otherwise, we can safely conclude that the insides have suffered. It could be a battery, screen cables, or worst of all, a motherboard. In any case, you cannot do without contacting a service center.

But the waiting time for the device to return to your hands will vary greatly. If ordinary parts are damaged, they will be replaced within a few hours. The payment will have to wait for several days.

However, there are situations when the phone simply does not turn on by simply pressing the lock button. In this case, simultaneously holding down the Home button and the lock can help.

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