What to do if it gets hot iPhone X

The tenth model of Apple smartphones has revolutionized the world view of advanced mobile devices. Manufacturers tried to improve the main characteristics and show an updated design, but they failed to solve the common problem of overheating of the device. During operation, users encounter a similar disadvantage, so it is important to know how to eliminate overheating and carry out preventive measures so that the smartphone will delight the user with high performance for a long time.

Why is iPhone X warming up?

Why is iPhone X heating up?

First, it is worth figuring out why the iPhone X is heating up – this affects the chosen solutions. Experts believe that the main reason for overheating is the unsuccessful combination of materials. From the fifth to the seventh model, there were no problems with the heat sink, the shortcoming appeared in the eighth generation. It is assumed that this is due to the glass body that appeared to implement the wireless charging function. The aluminum casing of the previous generations served as a kind of heat sink that removes heat from the inside of the phone.

Sometimes iPhone X heats up due to the use of too resource-intensive applications or active operation. This is a normal process because the iPhone is a smaller computer with a processor. If you do not allow the device to “rest” and remove heat, the temperature of the case will rise significantly. Also, do not be surprised if the smartphone has been in the water or received mechanical damage – in this case, only specialists in repair shops will be able to fix the problem with overheating iPhone X.

When to start worrying if your iPhone 10 gets warm?

When to pay attention

Overheating of a smartphone itself is a common thing, so you should not worry ahead of time if other 'symptoms' do not appear along with overheating:

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  • the smartphone took longer to charge than usual;
  • overheating changes the quality of the picture or sound;
  • the device turns off when the case heats up;
  • the temperature is so high that the phone cannot be held in hands;
  • OS freezes or won't load;
  • applications do not open, the smartphone takes a long time to process requests;
  • IPhone 10 heats up and does not turn on, hangs on the logo.
  • In such cases, it is customary to carry the smartphone to service centers, but the problem can be solved on your own if you find out what caused the overheating. Most often, a high temperature is associated with a processor load, but there are situations when hot air does not leave due to the use of a dense silicone case without holes, made of low-quality materials. A defective charger will also cause the smartphone to overheat while charging.

    What to do if iPhone X is warming up?

    Solution to the problem

    Most often, elementary things help to reduce the level of overheating:

  • remove games with complex graphics;
  • use of optimization;
  • remove useless 'embellishments';
  • purchase of high-quality covers;
  • use of serviceable chargers.
  • In advanced cases, you will have to take action to solve the problem. I don't want to carry the iPhone 10 to the service center – repairs will be expensive. This is due to the complexities of assembly, in order to replace the processor or dual battery, you will have to actually disassemble the phone for parts. Doing so at home will void your warranty.

    It is also possible to take a number of user-available actions to resolve the overheating problem. These actions are related to the operating system and applications, so the smartphone will remain under warranty. It also suggests that there are no problems with the 'stuffing' of the smartphone, so a visit to the repairmen is not required. If the steps listed below did not remove the flaw, then you cannot do without a trip to the service center – ignoring the problem leads to serious damage to the processor, motherboard or battery.

    Uninstall apps if iPhone 10 gets warm

    Removing useless apps

    The first thing to do if the iPhone 10 heats up is to remove useless programs:

  • unnecessary heavy games;
  • unused applications;
  • programs that have less resource-intensive counterparts;
  • applications that do not carry the system load.
  • It is possible to safely remove user-installed applications. It is not recommended to uninstall system programs, this leads to the loss of the device's performance. Also, in versions iOS starting from 11, the function of downloading applications has appeared. The application is removed from the phone, but information about it remains. If necessary, the application can be easily restored if it is in the AppStore. To uninstall an application, tap the program icon and then tap the 'x' in the corner of the icon. The unloading takes place in a different way.

  • Open the 'Settings' item.
  • Go to 'General'.
  • Open 'Vault iPhone'.
  • Click on the icon of the desired application.
  • Tap on 'Download'.
  • Confirm action.
  • If the application has not been used for more than six months, then it should be removed.

    Changing firmware

    Working with OS

    Also, the cause of overheating is the incorrect installation of the operating platform update. To solve the problem, you should re-update or roll back to a previous version. The process consists of a few simple steps.

  • Back up the firmware to iTunes.
  • Download the new firmware file.
  • Connect the device to the computer using a cable.
  • Open iTunes and select the desired device.
  • Disable the 'Find iPhone' function in the phone settings.
  • Hold down the Shift key on your keyboard and click the 'Restore iPhone' button in iTunes.
  • Select the downloaded firmware, confirm your choice and wait for the installation to complete.
  • During the firmware process, the smartphone cannot be turned off, rebooted or the computer cable removed – in such cases, instead of a working iPhone X, the user will receive a faulty 'brick'. After installing the firmware, the user will be able to configure the phone again according to his preferences, or restore information about the owner and applications from a backup.

    Returning to factory settings

    Rollback to factory settings

    Sometimes, due to overheating of the smartphone, it is not possible to turn on the device. Also, a similar problem happens due to incorrect firmware of the device and excessive processor load with heavy applications. In such cases, rolling back iPhone X to the factory settings helps – you should pay attention to the fact that the process will delete user data, including downloaded files, photos and installed applications.

  • Install the latest version of iTunes on your PC.
  • Connect the device via the cable.
  • Sometimes a password is required to log into iTunes, in such cases it is important to follow the instructions on the display.
  • Select your smartphone from the list of displayed devices.
  • Click the 'Restore' button.
  • The program will completely clear the smartphone, delete information and restore the factory firmware. After the process is complete, the flagship will have to be configured again, since the operating system will return to its original state. You should definitely wait until the phone restarts, otherwise the recovery process will not be completed.

    Smartphone recovery

    Smartphone recovery

    If the rollback of the smartphone to the factory settings did not bring tangible results, the 'last anchor' remains – the full smartphone recovery mode (DFU).

  • Install the latest version of iTunes and connect your phone to your computer.
  • Quickly press the volume up button.
  • Repeat with the volume down button.
  • Hold the side button until the display turns black, then hold down the side button and the volume down button again.
  • ITunes will inform you that your phone is in recovery mode.
  • Click the 'Restore' button.
  • It is worth noting that the display iPhone X must not light up or show logos. This mode is used in cases where updating the device led to malfunctions and severe overheating. DFU will help if the iPhone 10 stops turning on and there is no way to remove unnecessary applications. You will also need to set up your phone again, and user files will disappear if there is no cloud backup.

    Overheating prevention


    In order to avoid overheating your smartphone, you should follow these simple guidelines:

    • with active use, give the 'apple' flagship to cool down and 'rest';
    • use only a working and official charger;
    • do not let the smartphone sit down 'to zero';
    • do not use tight covers or place the device under the pillow;
    • do not leave the iPhone in an open place in the sun;
    • disable background functions if you do not need to use them (Wi-Fi, location);
    • do not run several resource-intensive applications at the same time.

    These simple tips will help you avoid overheating your smartphone, as well as costly processor and battery repairs.

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