What to do if the speaker wheezes in iPhone

Communication is one of the main functions of the phone. But what should you do if you notice problems during use and the speaker wheezes in iPhone?

Manufacturers install at least 3 speakers for high-quality sound of the device, but it so happens that one of them fails. Sound quality is directly related to the state iPhone.

What to do if the speaker wheezes in iPhone

Sound quality degradation results:

  • changing volume of media files and volume during a conversation;
  • the playback quality becomes unclear, there is a lot of extraneous noise;
  • the sound disappears completely or is interrupted;
  • the speaker wheezes, extraneous sounds appear.

Problems with a new phone arise due to improper operation of the device or a factory defect.

Where does this problem come from and how to fix it

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The reasons for the wheezing of the speaker on iPhone:

  • moisture penetration under the case;
  • mechanical damage to the device (shock, strong vibration, falls);
  • damage due to contamination with dirt, dust, debris, ingress of small particles, including sand;
  • breakage of the loop or membrane;
  • closure of phone contacts;
  • malfunction of the audio channel elements;
  • constant listening to music at high volume;
  • speaker coil malfunction.

What to do if the speaker wheezes in iPhone

After you notice that the speaker wheezes at iPhone, it is recommended to perform a few simple steps that will help improve the sound quality:

  • remove the headset;
  • turn on music on the device;
  • test the volume;
  • update the software in terms of playing media files;
  • restart the device.

With the help of these actions, it is possible to improve the condition of the speaker on the iPhone.

In order to avoid problems with a new device, use a cover, you also need to protect the phone from mechanical damage, scratches, shocks, falls, contact with water, dust. Do not expose your phone to high and low temperatures, or in direct sunlight.

When the speaker on the iPhone wheezes, cleaning with compressed air is necessary. Do this carefully or seek professional help. The speaker on the iPhone is sensitive and requires careful movement to avoid damaging other elements of the phone. When the speaker wheezes iPhone, do not turn up the volume, as this will only make the situation worse.

Careful handling of the iPhone will allow you to enjoy high quality sound for a long time without wheezing.

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