What will the new iPhone X Plus be like?

What will the new iPhone X Plus be like?  A terrible excitement is now around the not yet released iPhone SE 2, iPhone X Plus and iPhone 9. All users are waiting for the release of new smartphones from the company Apple and try to figure out all the new features and features of the most expensive iPhone 2018. iPhone X Plus will debut in September. Most likely, the smartphone will be announced along with other new products from Apple.

What will iPhone X Plus be?

1. Design

The design of iPhone X Plus will not change at all. It will be very similar to iPhone X 2017. The same cutout, the same reinforced glass body, the same water resistance and vertical cameras. Users of iPhone X complain about the peeling of the steel frame, so it is possible that the new product will use some alternative methods of applying paint. Most likely with the release of the new iPhone X Plus there will be more new colors.

What will the new iPhone X Plus be like?

2. Camera

The camera of iPhone X Plus will get a dual camera, but for even more competition with smartphones Google in Apple will improve the camera in iPhone X Plus in times. There will also be some improvements in terms of video. Videos will be slow motion in ultra high definition.

What will the new iPhone X Plus be like?

3. Screen diagonal

The screen diagonal of iPhone X Plus is 6.4-6.5-inches. Many smartphones with such displays have been criticized by users because of the inconvenience. But in this smartphone everything will turn out differently due to thin frames: apparently, the dimensions iPhone X Plus will slightly exceed the dimensions of the usual iPhone Plus.

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What will the new iPhone X Plus be like?

4. Price

There are rumors that Apple will lower prices for the new iPhone 2018, as many US residents intentionally did not buy the new iPhone X due to the high price and were waiting for a decrease prices or seasonal discounts. Therefore, Apple will probably lower prices for the new iPhone 2018. What will the new iPhone X Plus be like?

5. Memory

Perhaps the iPhone X Plus will be more spacious. iPhone X will get two storage options: 64GB or 256GB.

6. Battery

All users are hoping for improved battery performance on the iPhone X Plus. Hopefully Apple will focus on autonomy. Everyone is already tired of the iPhone being discharged very quickly even without actively using a smartphone. Let's hope that Apple will release a smartphone that will live two honest days without recharging.

What will the new iPhone X Plus be like?

7. There will be support for Gigabit LTE

After the advent of LTE, users began to actively discuss the development of the network generation – 5G. But, unfortunately, 5G will not appear soon, then the manufacturers have successfully developed Gigabit LTE technology, which will appear in the new iPhone X Plus.

8. AirPods

Let's believe that Apple will add all the well-known wireless headphones AirPods complete with iPhone X Plus.

What will the new iPhone X Plus be like?

Let's look forward to the release of the new iPhone X Plus and hope that this smartphone will acquire all the innovations listed in this article and become one of the best in the lineup Apple.

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