When is the new iPhone coming out in 2018?

2018 will be a 'fruitful' year for technology aficionados Apple. The world will immediately receive 3 models of popular smartphones. iPhone XR, XS and XS max will appear on the shelves in September. When the new iPhone will be released in 2018, it became known in early spring. The network has traditionally leaked 'leaks' from the company. The information was scarce and veiled, especially with regard to names. The exact names of the gadget became known a few weeks before the official announcement.

new iPhone in 2018

Presentation date in 2018

Rumors generate demand, the saying applies to politics Apple. For 6 years now, the world has been waiting with bated breath for the next broadcast from the Steve Jobs Hall, where the audience is told, shown, and allowed to touch the achievements of engineers for the year.

The release date of the iPhone 11 in Russia is 2018, September 12. Three models were presented at the presentation. An improved version of last year's iPhone X smartphone – iPhone XS and XS max, as well as a less expensive gadget – iPhone XR. In addition, the developers have finished testing the A 11 Bionic processor, which is now available at App Store.

New device sales start date

The US pre-order for the new 2018 iPhone opened on September 14th, iPhone XR only after October 19th. In Russia, the flagship will be available from 28 September. It is worth noting that this year, those wishing to hit the jackpot while waiting for the next smartphone from Apple suffered an unfortunate failure. The usual lines near the store of the American company began to form in late August – early September, but the efforts of the 'inmates' went nowhere. There was no demand for numbers in the queue for 100-200 thousand rubles. Perhaps the reason is that people have already had time to 'get enough' of iPhones and are ready to wait 1-2 days for the excitement to subside, but maybe the reason lies in the high cost of gadgets.

new iPhone 2018

Prices for new items and where to buy

What immediately stopped the enthusiasm of buyers was how much the new iPhone 2018 costs. The eleventh model or iPhone XS received the best technical equipment, the A12 Bionic processor, the OS iOS 12 with support for neural networks, improved Face ID and an advanced camera. The price of a smartphone today is 87,900 rubles in the basic configuration, and 127,900 rubles with 512 GB memory. You can buy gadgets from the official partners of the company Apple in Russia. These are the networks 'Eldorado', 'M-Video', 'Euroset' or 'Svyaznoy'.

What expectations were met?

The first wave of disappointment for the fans of the 'apple' technology surged after the announcement of the cost of three new models. The 'budget' iPhone XR received a completely undemocratic price of 77,900 rubles, and the flagship iPhone XS and XS max even arrived in Russian stores with a price tag ranging from 89,000 to 127,000 rubles . For most users, this factor has become decisive when choosing a smartphone, so users began to expect a natural decrease in cost. It remains to figure out to what extent the expectations of developers and users were met in the main model of 2018 iPhone XS.

2018 models iPhone XS


Here iPhone XS will outperform previous models. 11 Bionic with Neural Engine – Machine learning technology has given new life to smartphone functions. So, Face ID recognizes the 'owner' even in the dark or when changing appearance, the assistant Siri has become 2 times faster, and the camera has received new options for taking photos and videos.

operating system

interesting 6.1-inch iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro will go on sale first Apple will announce the launch of iPhone 12 from day to day

The whole world in September 2018 was waiting for the release of a new gadget, as well as the official version iOS 12. The device works 70% faster than its predecessors or Android. The smartphone is able to multitask without glitches and brakes.


The dual camera, at first glance, does not differ from last year's version: the resolution is 12 megapixels, the lens is f / 1.8. But the Developers have made a number of changes in terms of photo processing and shooting capabilities. What has changed? The size and depth of pixels increased – 1.4 microns versus 1.2 microns, which directly influenced the quality of shooting.

In addition, the A 11 Bionic processor has significantly accelerated image and video processing. But what delighted users was the advanced features of the Portrait mode. The processor will more accurately identify objects and backgrounds, offer the desired resolution and effects. There have never been such clear and expressive pictures.

Face ID

Unlocking using face recognition is considered an effective way to protect your smartphone from someone else's interference. Face ID is now even faster and smarter in iPhone XS. The program creates a model of the owner's face by scanning and designing 30,000 points. The Face ID camera cannot be fooled by big black glasses or a beard, the smartphone will recognize you in any position or even in the dark.

iPhone XS Face ID function


Occupies 81% of the front panel, which is made possible by further narrowing the bezels. A screen expansion of 1125 × 2436 pixels with a density of 458 pixels, together with technology OLED, ensures perfect color reproduction. The manufacturer has increased the dynamic range of the display by 60%, which allows you to look at the screen from any side, but also makes the colors brighter and more saturated.


iPhone XS was a continuation of the new line Apple and therefore received a design like last year's 'ten'. Remained a screen with minimal frames and a 'monobrow', tempered glass was used as materials, frames are made of surgical stainless steel. The smartphone is available in three colors: silver, gray and gold. The golden color has undergone changes, if earlier it gave off a pink color, now it is deep yellow, warm and surprisingly shiny.

The back panel remains unchanged: dual camera, flash is located between the lenses. The new iPhone has received an IP68 degree of protection, which means maximum protection against dust and moisture. The manufacturer said that the smartphone can withstand immersion in water up to 2 m for 30 minutes. True, you should be more careful with such experiments, there is a special sensor in the case and if water gets inside it will change color, and there can be no question of repairing under warranty.

iPhone 11 or XS has earned positive feedback from the testing sites. The smartphone is the leader in its segment in terms of performance and speed.

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