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For loyal fans of digital technology from Apple, the price of a smartphone with a bull's eye does not matter. Hundreds of thousands of people from different countries and continents are eagerly awaiting the autumn premieres from the American company and are ready to give a lot of money for a new model. But the lion's share of potential buyers is not ready to part with $ 1000 and is waiting for the iPhone 10 to fall in price.

when the price for iphone x

Apple does not freeze prices, on the models of previous years the price tag fell by 30-50%, so there is a trend, it remains only to understand when to expect a decrease.

Price dynamics since release

iPhone X came out a year ago, the 'ten' marked the end of the company's first decade and the beginning of the era of new smartphones. The iPhone X's success has been phenomenal. Despite the decline in demand for luxury smartphones, the model provided Apple a 1% increase in revenues over the year. The share of sales of the top ten was 35% of the sales of devices in this segment.

Despite the fact that the initial cost of the 64 GB iPhone 10 was $ 1000, sales in Russia started from 92 thousand rubles. Moreover, this price does not include the cost of additional equipment and accessories. The model received support for wireless charging, but the docking station is not included. For the device, you will have to pay an additional 5,000 to 7,000 rubles. Users are not satisfied with standard headphones with an inconvenient adapter; buying new ones will also cost at least 1,000 rubles.

IPhone X price dynamics

Traditionally, the price of iPhones in one country is fixed for all stores, but the dynamics of cost reduction is different everywhere. Therefore, single indicators are taken for calculations. Russian analytical sites recorded the following decline data (reflected the minimum value):

  • The start of sales fell on September, the cost of the iPhone 10 was 92 thousand rubles until November 2017, when the price fell to 90 thousand and less.
  • The next three months, the iPhone 10 steadily became cheaper, until in February 2018 it stopped at a value of 60 thousand rubles.
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  • This price lasted until June, but such discounts were offered by some intermediaries.
  • From June to October 2018, the situation changed. The minimum cost has increased to 65-66 thousand rubles, but the maximum has frozen at a value of 70 thousand rubles.
  • It turns out that today iPhone X is available in the price range from 60 to 70 thousand rubles. A drop of 25,000-35,000 seems like a good deal, but the smartphone continues to be the most expensive in the digital segment.

    Has iPhone X dropped in price in 2018?

    It would be naive to expect a serious drop in prices for iPhones. Smartphones of this brand continue to be 'not for everyone'. The price tag of tens of thousands of rubles is explained not by the autonomy of the assembly (the company is trying not to involve third-party manufacturers) and the high cost of components, but by the costs of researching IT technologies.

    But from the terrible 92 thousand rubles for the base model iPhone 10 still left. During the year, the model 'lost weight' by 25-35 thousand rubles. The difference is noticeable compared to the expensive new products of 2018 – the iPhone XR, XS and XS max. The price of the latter exceeds 120 thousand, which in Russia is equal to three average wages in the country.

    Has iPhone X dropped in price in 2018

    Due to such high prices, buyers of equipment with an apple this year again turned their attention to the 2017 model.For 60 thousand rubles, you get the flagship of last year, which is in no way inferior to the latest models.

    Should we expect a further decline in the value of the iPhone X?

    There is no consensus on this question. Some analysts believe that there is a downward trend in prices, because every year and even month the demand for an 'outdated' model is falling, and the gadget is also losing its cost. These criteria are taken into account when drawing up a market proposal. Others are of the opposite opinion. In recent interviews, engineers Apple said that due to the introduction of duties by China on exported equipment, the company's expenses will also increase, which Apple is going to compensate for by raising the price of smartphones.

    But this is unlikely to affect the models of past years. Apple promotes new technologies, but sales of already advertised devices must continue. If there is a decrease, then the cost of the iPhone X will reach 40 thousand rubles, but not less.

    Should we wait for a drop in the price of iPhone 10

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