Which Assistant is Better: Siri or Google Assistant?

Who is smarter – Siri or OK Google? What to look for when trying to choose Siri, Google or another voice assistant for yourself? The features of each assistant, their similarities and differences will be discussed.

The question of who is better – Google Assistant or Siri, if not the most acute for users, is definitely considered a 'bone of contention' among supporters IOS and Android. Perhaps it is difficult to come to a common denominator in this dispute, but let's compare the two most popular voice assistants and try to find the truth.

Stream or Google: who is better, smarter and cooler

Basic application parameters

For convenience, we will display the main options by which we will compare these programs:

  • devices on which it is supported;
  • activation process;
  • correct speech;
  • voice, language support;
  • answers on questions;
  • work with teams.

This list covers all the functions of the assistants Siri and OK Google, allows you to form a complete picture of their work.

who is better than siri or google

Language and voice

Siri and Google Assistant are real polyglots. Google Assistant is ready to demonstrate proficiency in 17 languages, among them 4 are in beta testing. But Siri boasts 21 languages. In general, both options cover the needs of 70% of the world's population, have voice, written forms of communication. But there are still differences. Thanks to the voice module, professional voice acting, Siri's voice is very realistic. Moreover, it is difficult to distinguish it from human speech. By the way, another plus of the apple assistant is that the user can independently choose which voice the artificial intelligence will speak to you – male or female. If we compare which is cooler – Google or Siri, guided only by the quality of verbal communication, then Siri has an unambiguous leadership.

siri and google

Supported devices

Siri and Google work both on smartphones and on tablets, PCs, smartwatches. Both programs are stable versions that have passed a large number of tests and show the effectiveness of their work. But if we compare their versatility, then the differences are striking. Siri is a product-limited digital assistant Apple. Moreover, the ability to use the voice assistant appeared with the release iPhone from 4S and in newer versions. At the same time Google Assistant works on gadgets that run on Android OS (Marshmalow, Nugate). The application is included in Google Hello and Google Home. Since Ok Goggle works on digital devices and on all virtual platforms, it is better in terms of versatility.

siri go to google

Answers on questions

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When working on the Internet, Google's voice assistant has a much better result. This is due to the underlying technologies that are used when running the application. The fact is that the algorithm of the Google search engine is taken as a basis, therefore, the correctness of the issue when requested is much higher than that of any other analogs. But this only applies to specialized and narrowly focused tasks. If, for example, you say: 'Siri, go to Google', then the Apple application will react also correctly and quickly. Fast and high-quality work is also fair for service tasks, when a request comes in to create a reminder, dial a number or show photos. But in matters of intellectual communication, Siri offers more “human”, meaningful answers, knows how to joke, ironic, even be indignant.

who is smarter than siri or google

Working with teams

When working with teams, it is difficult to decide which is better – Siri or Google Assistant. User preferences play a key role here.

which is better ok google or siri

Accuracy of speech detection

If the programs have learned to speak well, then, alas, to listen to speech. Both apps have difficulty listening to speech. Such errors are noticeable in the application from the Apple company. But the developers Google used a different method of work. To recognize human speech, a machine learning method is used here, which is based on hundreds of algorithms. As a result, in the last update of the application, the level of understanding of the assistant reached 95%, which is equivalent to how a person perceives and hears another person's speech.

siri or google assistant

How to activate the application

Most often, the application runs in standby mode by default or is activated in the basic menu (device settings).

Configuration Algorithm Google Assistant

  • We go to Google Assistant.
  • We say 'Okay Google'.
  • Clamp the microphone icon.
  • We ask a question or a command.
who is better than google assistant or siri

Siri tuning algorithm

  • Press the 'Home' button.
  • We call the assistant with the command 'Hello Siri'.

Both mobile assistants are easy to set up. But Siri starts faster.

who is cooler than google or siri

Application strengths from Apple:

  • knows how to analyze user actions and create a pool of frequently encountered tasks independently;
  • creates sections with categories, top chats;
  • there is a separate tab for working with video, photo materials.

Benefits of the Assistant:

  • performs all basic commands: search for a place, navigation, weather, food;
  • plans events and creates notes;
  • creates reminder algorithms;
  • studies flights, traffic jams on the street;
  • starts music or podcasts.

As you can see, both Siri and Google Assistant have a number of features, strengths and misses. What to choose depends more on preferences than on the program, since both options are good, fully performing the functions assigned to them.

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