Which camera is built into iPhone 8

Some fans choose the new iPhone not because of the increase in performance, not because of the design or some innovations, but because of the camera. For a long time, smartphones have pushed soap dishes and other cameras from the markets, with the exception of professional photographic equipment.

Progress does not stand still, and people manage to put powerful camera modules into such small devices that allow them to take good photos and shoot high-quality videos.

Which camera is built into iPhone 8

Now the best camera on the smartphone market is iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. Although it does not stand out with a large number of megapixels – only 12, but it is still capable of creating great photos thanks to software and settings.

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The f / 1.8 aperture allows you to shoot even in low light conditions. Optical stabilization saves from blurring and sharpness of frames. Another plus of the camera is the 5x digital zoom. For those who do not understand what this means, let us explain – you can zoom in five times without losing image quality.

Camera iPhone 8 Plus allows you to take great portrait shots thanks to the dual camera. There are various settings here, due to which the camera itself recognizes the person in the frame and blurs the background behind him. Unlike the usual figure eight, the camera of this modification already has a tenfold digital zoom.

In addition to photos, the camera of these devices is capable of recording high-quality videos. Shooting in 4K resolution takes place at 60 FPS, and the usual 1080p is recorded at 120 FPS.

And even though the rivals have cameras of 20, 30, 40 megapixels, they are still inferior in quality to the eighth iPhone, although they themselves do not think so. However, numerous tests and just user reviews are on the side of apple products.

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