Which iPhone support wireless charging

Qi technology has entered the everyday life of owners iPhone and other smartphones. But not all users know how a useful accessory for powering a battery without a mains power works. Therefore, before listing which iPhones have wireless charging, you need to understand the intricacies of the Qi standard.

Which iPhone support wireless charging, as they say, is it possible

What is Wireless Charging?

It is based on the principle of induction. An inductive coil of the transmitter is located in the housing. The second such connection – the receiver coil – is built into the smartphone body. Therefore, a smartphone is denoted by the abbreviation VPN and Qi is what wireless charging for iPhone is called. When the smartphone is placed close to an accessory that is transmitting a signal, resonance is modulated. And then electricity begins to flow between the devices.

IPhone models for wireless charging

Before buying, you should find out which iPhones support wireless charging. The company Apple is confidently transferring new smartphones to modern technologies. The company's engineers have already got rid of the mini-Jack connector, suggesting that users buy Bluetooth – headphones. Obviously, soon the next iPhone won't have a Lightning connector either. In the already presented line, not all iPhones with wireless charging function. Qi is only available on phones older than 2017. Here is a list of which iPhone support wireless charging:

  • iPhone 8;
  • iPhone 8X;
  • iPhone X;
  • iPhone XS;
  • iPhone XS Max;
  • iPhone XR.

In these models the required magnetic coil is built inside. By the way, the owner does not feel any inconvenience due to the appearance of an additional part in the case – the phone has remained thin and light.

which iPhones support wireless charging

Wireless power adapter for old iPhone

Can iPhone be charged with wireless charger if it was released before 2017? Owners of old iPhones – from 4 to 7 versions – can officially charge the phone only in a standard way, using a cable and power supply. Therefore, users are also looking for ways to power without an outlet. To help them – inventions of Chinese engineers, combining removable batteries and Lightning connectors. These devices simulate wireless charging for iPhone X.

Plate for iPhone

A plate for phones is the most common option. It is a thin board with a magnetic coil. A Lightning connector is provided for synchronization with the phone. Such a plate is connected to the smartphone and it starts charging.

what is the name of the wireless charger for iPhone
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However, there is a slight inconvenience: apart from the connector, the plate is not attached to the phone in any way. In other words, it can dangle and generally detach from the gadget and fall. To prevent this, it is recommended to press the plate firmly against the back of the phone and cover it with a removable bumper.

Smartphone platform

Another way to recharge iPhone is the platform. Its principle of operation is the same as that of the plate. To understand how to charge an iPhone with wireless charging of such a plan, instructions are required. Most often, the phone is installed in a special holder. And already from the holder, the wire is connected to the mains. Such devices are already used in many cars, and some users simply put them on the desktop in the office. The device has only one drawback: the smartphone must be in a certain position relative to the platform. So you cannot charge and use your smartphone at the same time.

can an iPhone be charged wirelessly

Case as an external battery

Such a cover is not a power supply unit in the classical sense. However, many owners iPhone of 5-7 or newer iPhones that support wireless charging still use this accessory. The cover is a rear bumper that can be put on or removed from the smartphone if necessary. It covers only the back side, so you will have to purchase glass or film separately to protect the front side.

Inside the rubber bumper there is a built-in battery that connects to the smartphone via a connector port. When the charge on the removable battery runs out, you can replenish it in the classic way – through an outlet. The larger the capacity of the secondary battery, the larger the bumper size. Due to this 'filling' the cover turns out to be heavy. And it costs a lot – from 7,000 rubles.

which iPhones have wireless charging

Wireless charging case

The case is a more advanced device. Like the rear bumper, a thin strip is fitted to the rear. However, it does not connect through any ports, but syncs like a regular Qi plate. The user can simultaneously use the phone and charge it. And for using the case, it is no longer so important whether there is wireless charging on the iPhone.

This case has only one drawback. Official manufacturers of accessories for Apple do not produce covers. So the owners of Apple gadgets will have to order an accessory from Chinese manufacturers.

which iphone support wireless charging

Pros and cons of technology

This feature has advantages and disadvantages compared to classic wired power. Technology advantages:

  • ease of use – the plate does not take up much space and does not require accessories and cables;
  • mobility – works in nature or away from the outlet;
  • versatility – it doesn't matter what brand the phone is, what connector (microUSB or Lightning) and the type of socket.
which iPhones are wireless charging

However, not everything is so cloudless. Along with the advantages, there are a couple of disadvantages. The induction hob does not transfer power to the phone as quickly. This means that it will take much longer to fill the smartphone battery. The second drawback is that such accessories do not allow you to charge your tablet, laptop, smart watch or Bluetooth headphones. You still need a cable.

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