Which is better: Honor 10 or iPhone?

Not everyone can independently cope with the comparison of smartphones of different brands, trying to determine the advantages of a particular model by the 'dry' numbers of the main characteristics. This article will help you find out which is better iPhone 10 or Honor 10.

which is better iPhone 10 or Honor 10

Press releases of the next 'iPhone killers' appear all the time, and it becomes more difficult for the consumer to separate marketing and the real merits of certain smartphones. To help you compare the two brands, here's an article that looks at which iPhone 10 or Honor 10 is better.


Both smartphones have excellent characteristics, but just based on the numbers, it is difficult to say which is better than Iphone x or Honor 10, since manufacturers have different production technologies for components, different potential in optimizing hardware and applications. To understand which is better Honor 10 or Iphone, it is better to operate not with numbers, but with the owners' feedback on the sensations while working with smartphones.

which is better honor 10 or iphone

Summary table of the main characteristics.


iPhone X

Honor 10

Dimensions, weight

143.670.97.7 mm, 174 g

149717.25 mm, 153 g

Body materials

Metal + glass

Metal + glass


Amoled, 5.8-inch, 24361125, 3D touch

LTPS, 5.84-inch, 22801082, FullView

OS (shell)

iOS 11

Android 8.1 (EMUI 8.1)


A11 bionic

Kirin 970, eight-core, 42.36 GHz, 41.8 GHz

Graphics coprocessor


Mali G72


3Gb, 64 / 256Gb

4 / 6Gb, 64 / 128GB


Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, LTE, GPS, Glonass, NFC

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, LTE, GPS, Glonass, NFC, IR

interesting 6.1-inch iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro will go on sale first Apple ordered foldable foldable displays from Samsung iPhone


12 + 12 Mp, 8 Mp

16 + 24 Mp, 24 Mp

Video recording (main camera)

2160 x 60fps

2160 x 30fps


2716 mAh, Qi – wireless charging

3400 mAh, QuickCharge

Dust and water resistant




Honor 10 – representative of the 'minor' brand of the company Huawei. This line is dedicated to devices that follow the new trends of flagship models, but get a little more modest filling. Reasonable price, fashionable design, good performance allows the model to be positioned as a modern gadget available to many. Aimed at young people and those who do not want to pay big bucks for unnecessary features or a brand.

which is better honor 10 or iphone

iPhone 10 is a smartphone for stylish, wealthy people. The jubilee phone, in which Apple not only used the latest developments at that time, but also changed the design of the device for the first time in six years after Jobs's death. The gadget turned out to be so successful that Apple kept it in production even after the release of new models.

which is better honor 10 or iphone


Honor 10 received a screen from a 'senior' brand, the Huawei P20 Lite smartphone. This is a matrix made using LTPS technology with a diagonal of 5.84 and a resolution of 1080×2280 pixels. The technology provides wide viewing angles, an expanded color palette, and increased screen brightness. Another plus is the reduced power consumption.

which is better honor 10 or iphone

The iPhone 10 display is OLED – a 5.8-inch screen with a resolution of 24361125 pixels and 3D touch technology. He has wonderful color rendition, contrast, large viewing angles. The disadvantage of this type of display is that the brightness is limited. It manifests itself in bright sunlight, giving out a darkish picture, but not so terrible as to recognize this as a significant drawback.

which is better honor 10 or iphone


The Honor 10 has a non-removable 3400 mAh battery. The declared working time is 18 hours of talk time. In fact, with an average load, the charge will last more than a day. A 'fast charge' mode is available, in which the smartphone charges 58% in 30 minutes. It takes 80 minutes to fully charge your smartphone.

The battery iPhone 10 loses in capacity (2716 mAh), but thanks to the optimization of the processor and OLED – the screen, the declared values ​​of talk time are 21 hours. Unfortunately, a smartphone rarely lasts longer than 17-18 hours under average load. The 'quick charge' function will charge the battery up to 50% in 30 minutes. The smartphone also supports wireless charging.

which is better honor 10 or iphone

Device protection

Here Honor 10 has a standard approach to identification – using a fingerprint scanner. You can apply your finger at any angle – the sensor will easily cope with the task. Recognition is fast, and the scanner itself is located at the bottom of the face of the smartphone.

Apple in iPhone 10 replaced the fingerprint sensor with Face ID facial scanning technology. The user no longer needs to grope for the sensor, but the unlocking process has become less predictable. Unlocking does not always happen the first time, and the recognition speed is sometimes too slow. Users iPhone quickly got used to the innovation and do not miss Touch ID.

which is better honor 10 or iphone


It is difficult to name a winner here, since synthetic tests do not correlate well with the usual daily tasks, and comparison by technical characteristics will not give a complete picture due to optimization iOS for the native processor. Both smartphones do not slow down, applications do not freeze, they work smoothly. RAM 4 GB (in the minimum configuration) for Honor and 3 GB for iPhone is enough for most of the necessary tasks.

which is better honor 10 or iphone


Both smartphones are equipped with decent, but not exceptional, cameras. The dual camera of the iPhone has optical stabilization on both matrices (12 megapixels each), two times optical zoom. The photos are decent, but no more. But the quality of the video is noted by each commentator. Perhaps this smartphone is better suited for shooting videos in 4K. The front camera with a 7 megapixel sensor makes acceptable selfies.

Honor is ahead of the Apple device according to the characteristics of the cameras, but the shooting result does not differ much. At least by eye, the differences are difficult to notice. The device has a dual main camera with resolutions of 24 and 16 megapixels. With sufficient illumination, the picture turns out to be rich and detailed, but with a lack of light, noise appears. The front 24MP camera is equipped with a wide-angle lens, so both the face and the surroundings will fit in the frame.

which is better: honor 10 or iphone


The body Honor 10 is made in the usual Huawei design – the front and rear glass panels are held together by a metal frame. The smartphone has a classic design for the line, but the back glass is worth mentioning separately. The surface shimmers in different colors when light hits it, without losing the base shade – this is the company's own development, which looks pretty nice. The 'monobrow' familiar to new models can be removed by turning on the black fill in the notification area. There are no buttons or dedicated sensors on the front panel. The unlocking and control sensor is hidden under the glass and is indicated by a dotted line.

For iPhone 10, the company has developed a new design. It cannot be called revolutionary, but Apple we managed to make the device recognizable and stylish. The body is made of tempered glass with an oleophobic coating. The front side contains no control elements, and the sensors with the front camera are placed in the proprietary 'eyebrow' of the screen. The camera block on the back side protrudes strongly from the body, which is not always convenient, but adds recognition to the model.

which is better: honor 10 or iphone

Totals for Honor 10

which is better: honor 10 or iphone

Let's highlight the advantages and disadvantages of the model based on the previous information:


  • Price.
  • Autonomy.
  • Bright screen.
  • A quality camera with artificial intelligence.
  • Good performance.
  • No dust and water proof.
  • Unsatisfactory quality of shooting at twilight.
  • No optical zoom and laser focusing.
  • Lack of wireless charging.


  • No dust and water proof.
  • Unsatisfactory quality of shooting at twilight.
  • No optical zoom and laser focusing.
  • Lack of wireless charging.

Totals for iPhone X

which is better: honor 10 or iphone

Summary information for the second participant:


  • Recognizable design.
  • Great display.
  • Dust and moisture protection.
  • High-quality video and snapshots at dusk
  • High price.
  • Average battery life.
  • Several required accessories are purchased separately.


  • High price.
  • Average battery life.
  • Several required accessories are sold separately.

General conclusion

Both smartphones are similar in specs and are in the 'almost' top category. Each has its own pros and cons. What to choose?

Honor 10 is the choice of a person who does not want or cannot spend a lot of money on flagships. The smartphone turned out to be successful, but there are many models on the market with similar characteristics for the same money. So it will be 'one of many' smartphones. But if you don't want to overpay for a brand or functions you personally do not need, then take it boldly.

Buy Honor 10 + gifts.

iPhone 10 is a fashion gadget that emphasizes the style of the owner and shows wealth. Definitely suitable for fans Apple. If you don't want to change iOS to Android, then this is a good choice. A recognizable, productive smartphone will not disappoint fans of the 'apple' brand.

Buy iPhone X.

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