Which is better: iPhone SE or iPhone 6

While new models iPhone come out every year at a higher price, older models are getting cheaper. Moreover, this happens in such a progression that a very expensive smartphone iPhone 6 or SE was not affordable, and today it has already become an affordable gadget. An eternal dispute between users of products Apple has become what is better iPhone CE or 6, we will understand the advantages and disadvantages and decide.

Provide disclosure of all theses in any order:

iPhone SE – pros and cons

Let's note all the features of the model, since for some it will be a plus, and for others a minus:

  1. Form and design. The gadget has retained the features of the 5S model, size, design, etc. There are slight differences, but in general it is identical.
  2. A new 12MP camera with 4K video support and an available Live Photo function.
  3. New processor Apple A9 as installed in 6S.
  4. Battery resource in operating mode up to 13 hours.

These are all distinctive characteristics that can be identified (without mentioning the technical ones).

which is better iphone se or iphone 6

iPhone 6 – pros and cons

Now about the iPhone 6. For comparative characteristics, let's highlight:

  1. The smartphone is thinner than previous models, and provides a larger display module – 4.7 inches.
  2. The design is almost like the 7 model.
  3. Based on the A8 processor and with 1GB of RAM installed.
  4. 8MP camera with HD 1080p support.
  5. Battery resource up to 11 hours in operation.
which is better than an iPhone or 6

What do the models have in common and how they differ

Speaking about general features, here we will only mention the manufacturer, otherwise the models differ. Here is a comparative description:

  1. SE is more productive due to the installed older generation processor and more RAM.
  2. The iPhone 6 has an 8MP camera, compared to a 12MP competitor.
  3. The SE camera shoots videos in 4K resolution, and also provides more options for slow motion.
  4. The 6 has a more modern display, and also differs in size 4.7 inches to 4 on the SE.
which is better than iphone 6 or se

Which is better: iPhone 6 or SE

To understand which is better iPhone SE or iPhone 6, let's fully compare the characteristics of the phones:


iPhone SE

iPhone 6


Retina 4 inches

Retina HD 4.7 inches


12 megapixels (4K)

8 MP (1080p)


1.2MP (Aperture 2.4)

1.2MP (Aperture 2.2)

Touch ID

interesting 6.1-inch iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro will go on sale first Now officially: announcement of iPhone 12 will take place in a week

there is





32/128 GB

16/32/64 GB

Screen resolution




800: 1

1400: 1

Fell sRGB support

there is


Up to 500 cd / m2

You can see that in terms of characteristics, the iPhone SE is inferior to the 6 model only in display aspects.

But you still need to figure out which model will be better, there are two opinions that need to be expressed:

  1. If you don't care about the size of the display, then in all other parameters iPhone SE is superior to its competitor. It is more efficient, improved camera, front, rear flash. Besides, if you are an adherent of compact phones, then this model will be the best choice.
  2. In the case of iPhone 6. It lags behind in its performance and in almost all characteristics. But if you want a larger display, a newer design, then 6 is your choice.
which is better iPhone es or iPhone 6

General conclusion

Summing up, if you need a more powerful gadget with a good camera – then this is iPhone SE, more modern, as well as with a large display – this is iPhone 6. Which is better iPhone 6 or SE to decide already personally to everyone. Also, a popular question has recently become which phone is better: iPhone 8 or Samsung Galaxy 8, which we recommend to learn about in a separate article.

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