Which one iPhone has the marking А1905

Absolutely any apple gadget receives a label that means which country it is intended for. Let's try to figure out what kind of device has the A1905 mark.

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В данном случае мы имеем дело с iPhone 8, который официально завозится в Россию, некоторые страны Европы и используется в США с такими операторами, как AT&T и T-Mobile. Such a device does not have functional restrictions, as, for example, for models with the A1906 marking, which are supplied to Japan and do not have the ability to make contactless payments.

Which one iPhone has the marking А1905

It is A1905 that is sold in all official resellers in Russia and has full warranty support from Apple. Also, such an iPhone works with a large number of LTE and GSM networks.

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