Who is better – Alice or Siri?

Today, voice assistants from different manufacturers have become not just a fashionable technical novelty, but also a convenient tool for everyday life in the information space. The main competitors in the Russian-speaking environment were Alice from Yandex and Siri – from Apple. Who is better – Alice or Siri? How are they different, and which of them has the greatest advantage?

who is better than alice or siri

What devices work

Who is cooler – Siri or Alice? The differences primarily concern the media of the instruments. Siri is only available for the iOs operating system. If you do not use gadgets from Apple, then you have no chance of installing Siri. In addition, the system does not support old iPhones – for example, Siri is no longer suitable for 4S. This is due to the lack of a special chip that filters background noise; without it, Siri will not be able to clearly recognize voice commands.

Alice from Yandex is installed on all devices. Its difference is that it is not an application like Siri, but works as a full-fledged beta version built into the Yandex Browser structure.

who is smarter than alice or siri


The systems are based on artificial intelligence and voice recognition. Today Siri knows the world's leading languages:

  • English;
  • German;
  • French;
  • Italian;
  • Spanish;
  • Chinese (including Cantonese)
  • Japanese;
  • Korean.

It is curious that in the USA, Australia and Germany the interface communicates with the user in a female voice, while in France and Britain the application is voiced by a man. Only in the latest version of iOs 8.3 it became possible to connect the Russian language, and even then the dubbing turned out to be far from ideal.

who is cooler than siri or alice

Alisa, being originally a Russified product, speaks Russian flawlessly. And this is the only language so far. Due to the 'female' name of the interface, voice acting is provided only by a female voice. Alice has some mechanical accent, but she's improving her pronunciation every day.

Siri and Alice

Speech technology

Alice's work is based on the SpeechKit human speech recognition technology. For Siri, another driver is used – Speech Recogniser, which not only decodes speech, but also translates into 20 languages ​​(choosing the specific one for use in the dialogue). However, the translation is a machine translation, so the Russian text performed by Siri still leaves much to be desired, which sets the Russians against Siri.

alice vs siri

How are activated

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The Siri activation procedure is simple. The user turns on the desired iOs setting and gives a voice command: 'Hello Siri!' (Hey, Siri). Another option is to press and hold the Home button or control button on the Bluetooth – headset.

who is better than alice or siri

Alice is also activated by a simple prompt: 'Hello Alice!' or 'Ok, Alice', 'Alice, listen', 'Ok, Yandex', 'Hello, Yandex'. First you need to click on the microphone in the widget. If the smartphone screen is inactive, then you will not be able to talk to the voice assistant. And this is a plus, otherwise, if the gadget is lost, an attacker or a stranger would be able to transfer money from someone else's accounts through commands or send messages on behalf of the owner of the device. Today, these technical aspects are at the stage of development.

who is better than alice or siri

Answers on questions

Users are most interested in questions about the installation of the application and the correctness of the command assistant execution.

Can these apps be downloaded from different sites? Yes, you probably can, but not worth it. It is recommended to install assistants only from official channels – then you can be sure that there are no viruses and bugs, and there will be no deception.

who is better than alice or siri

What teams know

Who is smarter – Alice or Siri? Assistants are able to execute quite a lot of voiced commands.

Alice's commands:

  • opens the necessary sites;
  • uses a calendar and calculator;
  • retells the news;
  • transmits a weather report;
  • looks for addresses on the map and makes routes;
  • collects and tells interesting facts, information;
  • dials and reports the phones of the rescue services;
  • includes music or programs on the computer;
  • connects to a social network and plays a game with the user;
  • integrates with Yandex services, which simplifies command execution.
who is better than alice or siri

Siri offers most of the similar features today. Its difference lies in deeper integration with smartphones and tablets. This application will also turn on the alarm, adjust the screen brightness, and similarly call the rescue service. Thus, to give an unambiguous answer to the question: “What is better than Yandex Alice or Siri?” will not work.

who is better than alice or siri


Today Siri has more technical functions, Alice is inferior in terms of development and has no integration with phones. Both systems require an internet connection. Alice is recognized as 'human-centered': she leads a conversation and supports a large number of answer options. Siri answers clearly and to the point, mechanically, but gives more information options (for example, at least 3 options will be presented to a request for restaurants). We can only hope for a gradual improvement in the functions of Siri and Alice's assistants.

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