Who voices Siri on iPhone and what does she look like

Who voices Siri that millions of smartphone users hear every day Apple? Interesting, huh? In this review, we lift the veil of privacy and tell you who will need to thank for the voice of the smart assistant on the iPhone.

What Siri looks like and who voices her

Every smartphone owner Apple knows Siri's voice. But what does Siri look like? Surely each of the users imagines a person who is associated with this program. But what does the owner look like in reality? In our case, there are two of them – the owner of the English and Russian voice acting.

who voices Siri in Russian

English voice acting

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Who voices Siri in English in the operating system? The voice, known throughout the world, belongs to the actress Susan Cameron Bennett. Who started working on the recording Siri back in 2005. Every day, for four hours, I recorded individual sounds, combinations, words or phrases, which were then received by the voice assistant. The work took one month. But only 5 years later Siri was it ready and appeared in gadgets.

Before starting work on Siri, she recorded commercials, dubbed TV series and films, dubbed computer programs, electronic devices and GPS navigators. Susan has been working in dubbing since the 70s – her voice sounded on the first 'talking' ATMs. Therefore, it can be argued without a doubt that one of the most experienced women in this field gave her voice to Siri.

Siri's voice who voices

Russian version

Who voices Siri in Russia? Users who prefer to hear Siri's answers in their own language are accustomed to the different sound of the application. Although heavily processed by computers, the sound still has a real owner. This beauty is called Maria Fillipovna Konoplyanskaya. Although she may not have as much experience in the field of voice acting, she gave a wonderful sound to the Siri app, which users love so much.

in whose voice does Siri speak

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