Why do I need 'Airplane Mode' in iPhone

All users have seen the 'Airplane Mode' option in their phones, but not everyone knows what it is for. It has long been believed that it should only be activated when flying. True, this is far from being entirely true.

Let's start with how to activate 'Airplane Mode'? This is done simply – open the Settings and observe the 'Airplane mode' menu item at the top. We activate the switch next to it and that's it. You can quickly start this mode through the control panel, called by swiping across the screen from below.

Why do I need 'Airplane Mode' in iPhone

Why do I need 'Airplane Mode' in iPhone

Airplane mode button

Of course, the main application of the function is to disable all sensors responsible for receiving and transmitting a signal. It is strictly necessary to turn it on during takeoff and landing of the aircraft so that the device does not interfere with the operation of the aircraft's instruments with its signals. But this is a well-known fact.

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Let's consider more unusual and original ways of using the option. Most often, experienced users activate airplane mode while charging. Since all signals are blocked, their charge is not consumed and, accordingly, replenishes much faster.

Another use case is suitable for lovers of toys on gadgets. If annoying ads are constantly looming on the screen in applications, start airplane mode and restart the game. After that, nothing will get in the way.

Turning airplane mode on and off often helps solve communication and internet problems. This is especially effective in underground rooms and in rural areas.

If you want to have a quiet rest, so that no calls and messages disturb you, we also activate the airplane mode and enjoy the silence. A kind of replacement for the Do Not Disturb mode.

This mode is also used for tricky reading of messages on social networks. The trick is that with its help the user reads the message, but at the same time it is displayed as unread. This is done like this – turn on the airplane mode, open a dialogue with the person who wrote you the message, read it. After we exit the dialogue, turn off the mode and that's it, the message is displayed as unread, although the user has read its content.

Well, the last, most commonplace, use case is to activate airplane mode to conserve battery power when the smartphone is not in use.

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