Why doesn't NFC work on iPhone 7

If you can't pay contactlessly with an iPhone, the malfunction must be eliminated. What to do if iPhone 7 does not work NFC.

Not so long ago, owners iPhone were able to visit stores without the usual paper money and credit cards. The payment function is convenient, but it doesn't work for all users. Let's talk about what the module NFC is, how it works, and why iPhone 7 does not work NFC.

Doesn't work NFC on iPhone 7

The reasons

The reasons for the problems can be different. Sometimes the chip breaks, in this case only a replacement will help NFC iPhone 7. If the phone does not support contactless payment, the payment will also fail. Immediately, we note that replacing NFC module iPhone 7 Plus is a complicated process, so it is better to contact a professional technician or service center. There is no point in trying to fix it on your own. And for a specialist, replacing NFC iPhone 7 Plus will not be difficult. Now more about other causes of breakdown.

repair nfc iphone 7


Check if your smartphone supports NFC. The first devices were manufactured even before the introduction of this technology. The manufacturer's website contains a detailed list of smartphones with this function. See if you correctly attach the phone to the terminal, you need to know where NFC iPhone 7 Plus is located.

Sometimes the problem is crashes and malfunctions iOS. To deal with this, restart your smartphone. After restarting, force the network settings to be reset. Then open the Wallet application, register a new payment card binding. Replacing the region of the smartphone with the one where contactless payment works helps. You can replace it through the item in the 'Language and region' settings.

The second common problem is defective NFC – chip or antenna. It could be caused by marriage. If the device is new, contact the warranty center. Chip is inexpensive to replace. Sometimes transactions stop going through due to contamination of the device: dust lumps are clogged under the antenna and block its operation. If you are familiar with electronics, try cleaning. No – bring it to the service, such work is inexpensive.

iphone nfc not working


External problems that have nothing to do with hardware and software failures cannot be ruled out. They are eliminated without repair and unnecessary costs.

A terminal malfunction may cause the smartphone to behave incorrectly. Find another one, try using it.

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Bank malfunctions. There is nothing to be done – you will have to wait until the banking organization fixes the problem.

NSF does not work on iPhone 6

Even a cover can interfere with work Apple Pay. Bumpers and aluminum frames are considered unsuccessful for contactless payments. Remove foreign objects from the cover: this also interferes with the operation.

There should be no obstacles between the signal source and the terminal. If you take a cover, take a thinner model.

Problems with the map. The system works fine until the moment the money is transferred, but no payment is made, the payment is rejected. If Apple Pay no longer transfers funds, check the status of the card again, and then re-link to the wallet, often the problem is solved.

Pay attention to the limits. Certain banks install them for security purposes, after reaching the specified figure, payments are rejected.

If you cannot identify the cause of the problem yourself, contact the bank support service. Unsuccessful transaction attempts are recorded in the history, there is a great chance that an employee of a banking organization will tell you why the payment does not go through.

repair nfc iphone


If you are convinced that there are no external causes, try to start by reinstalling the firmware by selecting the 'DFU' mode. It was created specifically to 'cure' software glitches. Introducing an algorithm that can help.

  1. We launch iTunes, connect the smartphone to the PC.
  2. We turn off the phone, but leave it connected to the computer.
  3. We hold down the 'Home' key located under the screen, as well as the 'Power' button.
  4. Hold for 10 seconds at the same time, then release 'Power'.
  5. We are waiting for a notification that a smartphone has been found in recovery mode.
nfc iphone 7 plus does not work

Repair and replacement

First, carry out the initial diagnostics, try to understand at what stage the failure occurs. Go to where the known working terminal is located, check the functionality. Remove the cover, remove foreign objects that may interfere with the signal transmission.

If you have a valid warranty, immediately bring your mobile to the service. Disassembly automatically deprives the user of the right to use the warranty repair or replacement of the phone. In the service, the gadget will be brought back to life promptly.

replacement antenna nfc iphone 7

If manipulations with the software do not help, you will need to repair the iPhone 7. Turn it over to the service – they will arrange a check of the technical components and find out what condition they are in. If a breakage is found, the chip or antenna will be replaced. The cost of operations is low, such services will cost much less than purchasing another smartphone model.

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