Why iPhone gets very hot when working or charging – what to do

Apple product owners are making the right choice, preferring high-quality mobile electronics. There are cases when the user is surprised to find that the smartphone regularly overheats, does not hold a charge and turns off for no apparent reason. Panic comes – the restoration of working capacity iPhone hits the wallet hard, so before you rush to the service center at full speed, you should figure out the causes of the problem. The repairmen of the company's equipment Apple themselves say that if the iPhone heats up a lot during use, this does not always signal a breakdown.

Why does the iPhone get hot?

In what cases is overheating allowed

It is important to understand why the iPhone heats up – in some cases this is normal and common. For example, don't panic if your battery gets hot while charging. It is also important to see the edge here, it is one thing if the back cover becomes warm to the touch, and another thing if the smartphone becomes impossible to hold in your hands. In fact, the iPhone is a miniature computer, and is designed in such a way that it will warm up when charging. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with a little heat, as long as it does not lead to shutdown and malfunction of the smartphone. You shouldn't worry about why the iPhone heats up when charging – the back cover will be warm if you don't remove the cable during calls, games and other activities. When the smartphone is charging, it is better not to touch the device – constant heating and temperature drops provoke a loss of battery capacity and damage to the internal 'filling' of the mobile device. If you need a phone, do not forget to remove the device from the charger. Also, users have compiled a list of times when heating remains normal:

  • The iPhone heats up when working simultaneously with several resource-intensive applications;
  • while viewing many pages on the Internet;
  • when recording video for a long time on the built-in camera;
  • when watching movies.

There is also a heating of the smartphone when running applications related to image processing and editing, games with high quality graphics, as well as applications using 3D. 'Heavy' programs load the processor, which causes the smartphone to heat up. Wizards of the time to restore Apple devices are advised not to use applications on a smartphone, the system requirements of which are higher than those of a mobile device. Also, long-term work with large applications is not recommended, the smartphone needs a rest, take a break for an hour – this is useful for the phone and for human eyes.

Why is the iPhone warming up?

Operating platform and software problems

In order to find out why the iPhone is heating up, you should first consider the most common reasons. The main one is the problems of software platforms and firmware. If the update is incorrect iOS, the smartphone gives errors, the processor overheats and because of this it works worse. Two options will help here – a hard reset or a rollback of the smartphone to factory settings. In the first case, hold down the 'Home' and 'Power' buttons until the logo Apple appears on the screen. The method is suitable for smartphones of the seventh model range and below, for older versions a different algorithm is used:

  • press and release the volume up button;
  • press and release the sound reduction key;
  • hold down the 'Power' key until the logo appears.

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Once enabled, errors related to the operating platform and programs will be reset. If this method does not work, and the iPhone heats up during operation, you should use the device rollback to the factory state. To do this, connect your smartphone to your personal computer and open iTunes. Click on the detected device in the list and go to the 'Browse' menu item. Click on the 'Restore iPhone' button and confirm your choice. Do not disconnect the device or interrupt recovery.

Also pay attention to the list of installed applications. Resource-intensive programs have many 'light' analogs, it is better to remove unnecessary applications. This does not apply to system platforms, the removal of which will negatively affect the functionality of the smartphone. If the application is actively used, then you need to give your smartphone a break once an hour. So the internal mechanisms will not overheat, which will prolong the life of the smartphone.

Why does the iPhone get very hot?

Mechanical damage

Problems happen on the other hand, the owners are often interested in why the iPhone heats up a lot after falling. Mechanical influences (shocks, falls) have a bad effect on the operation of the device – the phone heats up in the hands to such an extent that it becomes problematic to hold it. This happens spontaneously, and is associated with damage to the processor. Only the replacement of the 'brains' can help; for this you will have to contact the service center. Similar 'symptoms' occur when working with devices that have been in the water. Built-in protection will not save you during a long stay at a depth, so water also spoils your smartphone. Seek diagnostics, because without the intervention of a specialist, it will not be possible to detect and solve the problem, there are too many delicate parts inside that are easy to damage. That is why repairmen do not advise people without experience to disassemble and repair on their own iPhone – there is a high probability of breaking the phone to the bottom.

Also, the iPhone gets very hot due to a battery malfunction. This problem occurs when using low quality Chinese chargers, charging the smartphone 'directly', exceeding the number of recharge cycles, and losing battery capacity in cold weather. It is possible to correct the situation by replacing the battery – ordering a spare part is in official service centers and stores. The Chinese counterparts do not hit the owner's wallet so well iPhone, but they serve three times less than the original batteries. It is not for nothing that the operating instructions write about the rules of use, the battery deteriorates if the smartphone is kept in unsuitable conditions for work for a long time. If the smartphone overheats, it is able to turn off – if after that the device does not turn back on, then it is worth restarting the device in a hard way in order to remove the errors of the operating platform.

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Prevention and first aid

If iPhone is heating up, then first of all it is worth saving the information, closing the application and letting the smartphone 'cool down'. Keep an eye on the health of your device, regularly clean up trash, large files and unused applications. To avoid overheating, follow these simple tips:

  • use only original cables for charging;
  • unplug your smartphone from the network when full charge is reached;
  • connect the device to the cable in time to prevent the discharge to zero;
  • do not leave the iPhone exposed to sunlight;
  • disable unused functions (mobile Internet, geolocation);
  • do not run several 'heavy' applications at once;
  • do not leave programs running in the background unless required;
  • do not leave your smartphone under the pillow – in order to avoid overheating, the device needs fresh air.

Also, do not forget about covers – dense warm covers interfere with normal air circulation, because of this, the iPhone heats up. It is better to replace it with a cover with special heat-dissipating lines – in appearance, such things are not inferior to ordinary covers. Check what the battery power is spent on – the function is present in the 'Settings' of the phone. If the device gets very hot, and the above measures do not help even for a while, then it's time to pay a visit to a specialist. In such cases, the power controller often turns out to be faulty – such a breakdown leads to overheating and spontaneous combustion of the phone. Therefore, you should not panic ahead of time, most of the problems can be solved in simple ways if the overheating of the device does not manifest itself without obvious reasons.

Why does the iPhone get hot when charging

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