Why iPhone is charging but won't turn on – what to do

Sometimes users of the company's smartphones Apple run into trouble – the iPhone shows that it is charging, but does not turn on. The owners of an expensive phone panic, the prices for 'treatment' iPhone reach half the cost of an 'apple' smartphone. But you should not worry ahead of time, sometimes banal things cause breakdowns, and the owner easily solves such problems on his own, without going to the service center. It is only important to understand what is the reason for the malfunction of the Apple smartphone.

IPhone charges but won't turn on - what to do

Causes of malfunction

First, you need to figure out what is the root cause of a smartphone breakdown:

  • damage to internal parts;
  • incorrect operation of the charger;
  • defect in the charging input;
  • battery malfunction;
  • errors when updating or flashing the operating platform;
  • manufacturing defects.

If the smartphone did not fall, did not swim at depth and was not subjected to mechanical stress, then the trip to the service center may be postponed. The main thing is not to panic, but to try to understand the situation with a cold head. Often, similar problems arise if the smartphone is discharged to zero. In this case, users recommend holding the phone on charge for an hour and then turning it on – often this method brings the device back to life.

If the iPhone does not turn on while charging after a long stay in the cold, the device needs to be allowed to 'warm up'. This is a well-known problem of apple products, a shortcoming, they could not remove. So there is no reason to panic here either. It's another matter if the smartphone has fallen or received other mechanical damage – the masters strongly do not recommend looking for the cause of internal malfunctions on their own, but contact the service center for diagnostics. Examine the phone – if the case is not in use, the charging and headphone connectors, as well as the gaps near the power button of the device, could be clogged with dirt. Use a needle to gently remove the debris and the phone will turn on again. The main thing is not to press with all force, so as not to damage the internal parts.

Why iPhone charges but won't turn on

Battery faults

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Another question is if the smartphone refuses to turn on due to incorrect operation of the battery itself. This also happens due to mechanical damage, sometimes too active games or the approaching end of the shelf life lead to a similar result. In such cases, you cannot do without replacing the battery, but on average, replacing the battery costs at least a thousand rubles. Expensive, but the battery itself still needs to be bought. So it turns out that the total cost of replacement exceeds one and a half thousand rubles. But the process of replacing the battery will not take much time, the masters cope with such work in a few hours. With proper skill, it is possible to change a broken battery with your own hands at home.

To do this, you will have to disassemble the device. Gently unscrew the screws with a special thin screwdriver and put them separately – if they are lost, it will be difficult to get new ones. Then remove the back cover – without sudden movements, so as not to damage the cables, they must be disconnected. Then the camera modules and the speaker are gently removed with tweezers, the plugs that hold the battery are disconnected. And only then the battery is pulled out and a new battery is installed. The problem is that for such actions you will have to purchase a set of tools, which sometimes costs more than replacing the battery. Therefore, experts recommend contacting service centers if you are not confident in your own abilities.

The iPhone shows it is charging but won't turn on

Charger Inspection

Another commonplace reason is the breakdown of the charger. Experts say bluntly – it is impossible to use Chinese counterparts in any case, this reduces the battery life. Insufficient or excessive voltage also leads to breakdowns, so in case of damage to the original charger, you should contact a specialized store Apple to buy a new device. Look carefully at the input socket – if you make sudden movements, the connector breaks and staggers, which prevents the smartphone from charging in normal mode. For those who don't know why the iPhone charges but won't turn on, the solution might be to replace the charger. Test another cord by connecting to the device.

If there are no externally detected problems with charging, and the smartphone has successfully started after communicating with another cord, then the problem is inside the cable itself. Of course, you can cut off the defective piece in the old fashioned way, and then connect the wires, but in order to avoid trouble, it is worth replacing the device. You can order it on the official website Apple or buy it at any convenient specialized store. But charging 'directly' is strictly prohibited, this will lead to such breakdowns that no master will be able to fix – it will be cheaper to buy a new 'apple' smartphone.

IPhone won't turn on while charging

Recovery mode

The last possible solution to the problem is to put the smartphone into recovery mode. For this:

  • disconnect the mobile device from the socket;
  • hold down the 'Home' button;
  • use a special cable to connect iPhone to the computer on which the current version of iTunes is installed, keeping the button pressed;
  • the display will show the program icon, and the computer will display the connected device;
  • activate smartphone recovery by clicking the corresponding button with the mouse;
  • wait for the end of recovery and turn on the device.

You will have to re-enter the user information as the smartphone will revert to factory settings. As a result of these manipulations, 90% of Apple devices return to working capacity. If, even after such manipulations, the iPhone charges, but does not turn on, only a professional telephone technician can tell exactly what to do. To avoid such problems, watch your phone carefully and do not use Chinese chargers.

IPhone does not turn on from charging

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