Why iPhone is not charging from charging, what should I do?

Some malfunctions lead to the fact that the iPhone does not charge either from the mains or from the computer. This can happen due to a problem with the internal firmware of the phone, a broken charger, battery, or Lightning cable. Correct diagnostics of the phone and the accessories used will help to solve the problem. Consider what to do if your iPhone won't charge.

Why iPhone is not charging from charging, what should I do?

Faulty charger or USB port not working

It is only necessary to charge the iPhone using the original charger manufactured by the company Apple. Most of the problems why the iPhone won't charge arise when using the Chinese equivalent instead of the original charger. One of the possible reasons for the malfunction of such a charger is a burnt out unit.

If the iPhone does not charge, although it is charging, then the reason for such a problem may be a damaged cable. It can deform at the point of connection with the adapter, not allowing the charge to flow. If charging is normal when connected to a computer, it is recommended that you purchase a new charger. Otherwise, it is necessary to check the functionality of other components.

A problem with the USB port causes the iPhone to only partially charge. This can be due to dirt or debris getting there. The situation will be solved by mechanical cleaning of the connector. Sometimes the port does not work due to the fact that it was previously badly damaged or torn out. This occurs when the connected cord is pulled out suddenly. In this case, you must use a different port or standard memory.

Why iPhone is not charging from charging, what should I do?

The standard USB output port has a voltage of 5 V and a current of 0.5 A, and the parameters of the charger iPhone are 5 V and 1 A. Due to this discrepancy between the voltage and current values, power fluctuations, the controller power supply blocking charging.

When connected to a computer or laptop, charging may not work due to the PC being in sleep mode. It is not recommended to use the USB connectors on the front of the computer for connection. The device will not charge if, at the time of connecting to a PC, many energy-intensive applications are turned on on it – games, documents. The same happens when Wi-Fi is on. In this case, the PC simply cannot fully charge the phone.

Faulty Lightning cable or Lightning port not working

What if iPhone does not charge, but the charger is connected? Examine the Lightning cable. This cord is very fragile, so it can be easily damaged. Sometimes a broken Lightning may not have any visible external damage. In this case, a multimeter will help to identify the malfunction. If testing does not reveal a problem, check the connector. Due to the ingress of dust and dirt, the contacts may become unusable. You can clean the connector yourself with a toothpick. If the phone charges normally when using a different cable, the cause is a faulty Lightning cable.

Why iPhone is not charging from charging, what should I do?

Sometimes the owner of the gadget uses an accessory that has not passed certification. In this case, the company does not guarantee the normal operation of the device. Damage can only be avoided by using the original wire Apple.

Software glitch

Also, the reason that the iPhone does not charge from charging may be software problems. The battery is charged using a special microcircuit located on the board. The software controls the normal operation of the power controller. Violations in the internal program lead to the fact that it fails, and the battery itself cannot receive the necessary energy.

A hard reset of the device may help. It is done by simultaneously pressing the screen lock button and the Home key and holding them for 10-20 seconds. During such a hard reboot, a white screen lights up with an apple in the middle. In this case, the buttons must be held for a few more seconds. After that, you need to turn on the iPhone again and check if it can charge.

Why iPhone is not charging from charging, what should I do?

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Sometimes the problem can be solved by calibrating the battery with a third-party program. If this does not help, then you should take the phone for repair.

Firmware problems

If charging problems appeared after a full system update, it could be firmware related. It does not matter which version of the system was installed. If the device worked normally before, the user can perform a backup, or rollback, to the previous state of the iPhone. This can be done with a backup copy using a special program. This will restore the previous version iOS.

If there is no copy, you will have to perform a factory reset. After that, you can flash the device by downloading the official version iOS.

Faulty battery or ribbon cable

The battery built into your phone can deteriorate over time. This happens for the following reasons:

  1. The device is connected to the mains only when fully discharged. Because of this, the battery capacity decreases, it wears out quickly, and the phone stops charging fully.
  2. The battery will polymerize and deform under the influence of external factors.

Why iPhone is not charging from charging, what should I do?

The main symptoms of a battery malfunction are:

  • a sharp reduction in the battery life of the device;
  • sudden shutdown of the iPhone when a sufficient charge level is displayed on the indicator;
  • a rapid decrease in the charge level in the absence of activity;
  • the presence of scratches, defects on the battery;
  • lack of visibility of charging.

The breakdown is also explained by the fact that the standard battery is designed for only a limited number of charging cycles. If the device has served its owner for several years, then the battery capacity gradually decreases, and then the battery stops functioning altogether. In this case, the battery will eventually stop charging at all and will have to be replaced.

A malfunction may occur in the area of ​​the lower loop, which ensures synchronization of the device with a memory device or a computer. In this case, an error message appears on the screen when connecting. The loop fails if water gets inside the charger connector. Because of this, the contacts of the connectors and the loop on the board oxidize, and a characteristic greenish coating appears on them.

The plume stops functioning normally as a result of a fall or mechanical damage. Even a small crack can cause the battery to stop charging. Connectors are damaged due to power surges. Another cause of problems is using a poor quality charger.

Why iPhone is not charging from charging, what should I do?

Motherboard problems

Any fall may damage the motherboard. Even a small crack formed on the board can cause the entire device to malfunction. In this case, the phone will not turn on and charge.


There may be several reasons why the iPhone does not charge. Charging stops taking place as a result of connector breakage or contamination, mechanical damage to the internal components of the phone, use of a cable without certification, malfunction of the charger or battery. Software malfunctions lead to a deterioration in the performance of the device, and the battery may also be damaged. If you didn't manage to identify the problem yourself, you need to seek help from specialists.

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