Why is iPhone 5, 5S not charging?

IPhone 5s won't charge: what to do in this situation? There are many reasons. The most common of all reasons why the iPhone 5s won't charge is the obsolete Lightning cable. There may be problems in the motherboard or faults in the controller.

iPhone 5s won't charge

General error

Fans of 'digging' in the phone are faced with the problem that the operating system fails. So, as a result of thoughtless experiments with software (for example, installing JailBreak), system failures begin.

Malfunction in the charger

If iPhone 5 or 5s stops charging – check the USB cable, it may have burned out.

To fix this moment, take another 'plug' and try to charge your smartphone with it. If everything is fine, the phone will charge through the computer as well.

iPhone does not charge iPhone 5s

USB cable does not charge

The most common reason why iPhone 5s stops charging is a malfunction in the Lightning cable. Over time, the charger wears out and, as a result, becomes unusable. To fix this problem, just buy an original Lightning charger for iPhone.

No need to buy Chinese chargers. Practice has shown that they spoil the battery of the device, which is why over time it will hold a charge several times less.

iPhone 5s not charging

Malfunction in the controller

Defects in the controller arise during operation. The problem is solved in 5 minutes. This does not require additional tools.

One of the common reasons an iPhone won't charge is a glitch in the operating system. In iOS there was an error in reading or firing software components, causing the battery to stop responding. To get rid of such errors, hard restart the phone: hold Home and the lock button for 10-15 seconds.

Why is iPhone 5, 5S not charging?

After that, the device will start to reboot. A white screen with the manufacturer's logo appears. At this point, you do not need to release the Home buttons and lock. Hold them until the screen turns off again. After that, the phone must be turned on and the battery must be charged.

Malfunction in the motherboard iPhone

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Due to faults in the motherboard, the iPhone does not hold a charge for long, even in 'sleep' mode. After a few hours, even after a full charge, the battery stops holding interest. If the phone has these 'symptoms', the diagnosis is obvious – the problem is in the motherboard.

Motherboard related defects iPhone are serious. Not every user can deal with them on their own. Therefore, it is better to take the phone to a repair center, there will be fewer problems.

what to do if iPhone 5s does not charge

Troubleshooting Tips

Above, we told why the iPhone 5 does not charge, now let's talk about how to solve this problem. Try to do it yourself, or using the services of the masters of authorized service centers. It depends, first of all, on the complexity and the reason due to which iPhone stops charging. For example, if the problem is related to a worn out charger, it is enough to replace it and the trick is done. But if the problem is related to the motherboard, then it is rather difficult to do without the help of a wizard.

Interim fixes

If none of the tips helped, and iPhone won't charge, the problem is probably a component malfunction. For example, a battery 'dead' by time, cables broken from a fall or any other mechanical damage. Moreover, if the smartphone falls into water, snow or water gets into it, this can also cause damage to the device as a whole.

In this case, it is necessary to carry the phone for diagnostics to specialists.

iPhone 5s is not charging

It should be noted that the user can also try to fix the phone on his own. This method is a temporary fix.

To get the iPhone charging, you should gently wiggle the Lightning cable in the charger connector when it is connected to a power source, find the position in which the device will charge, and fix it.

Technical support Apple

All units Apple purchased from the store are warranted for 1 year. If the warranty period has not expired, the user can contact technical support Apple, which, according to the terms of the contract, undertakes to repair the device free of charge or replace it with a similar new one. To do this, you must use the warranty check (coupon) and take the device to the service center of the store where the device was purchased.

If the smartphone's warranty has expired, technical support Apple has the right to refuse to repair the device free of charge. However, it can solve technical problems for a certain amount of money.


It must be remembered that it is worth considering all the options for breaking the device. Nevertheless, when dealing with the causes of poor smartphone charging, it is important to know that it is impossible to eliminate defects on your own without causing harm to the phone. If you are not sure of yourself, contact the professionals.

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