Why users iPhone X are complaining about his screen

Frameless OLED – 5.8-inch screen iPhone X is a key innovation of the company's flagship model Apple. Previously, smartphones from this manufacturer were not equipped with matrices based on organic emitting diodes. Such crystals, with numerous advantages, have a significant disadvantage – the burnout effect. Bright, with excellent contrast and natural color reproduction, the display iPhone has been named by marketers of Super Retina Corporation. The company's engineers have made many attempts to get rid of the common OLED matrix problem of screen burning.

Why users iPhone X are complaining about his screen

Is it true that screen iPhone X burns out?

Despite the efforts of the designers, there is a high degree of probability that after a few months of using the device, the first signs of degradation of semiconductor emitting crystals will appear on the display. This problem is common with all LEDs. It is most clearly visible on organic crystals. This side effect occurs when a static image is displayed for a long time. After changing it, traces of the previous content remain on the screen.

The operating system iOS is equipped with several functions to avoid such an undesirable effect on icons located in the status bar. The developers used a technique called pixel shifting, which does not allow icons to stay in one place for a long time, periodically moving them.

Why users iPhone X are complaining about his screen

This is a clear acknowledgment by the corporation Apple that the burnout of their flagship screen is an indisputable fact. The company said the engineers were able to minimize the effects of burning organic LED crystals to a minimum. But the problem was still not completely eliminated. This is noted by many owners of the tenth generation iPhone.

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In iOS there is a built-in function of permanent calibration of the display to display the highest quality picture in any light and hide the effect of burning OLED – crystals. Blue pixels are the first to degrade in OLEDs. It does not depend on the quality parameters of the matrix and its manufacturer. The problem of display burnout reduces the service life of the device.

The service life of the matrix based on organic light-emitting conductive crystals is 25,000 operating hours. After that, the screen will have to be replaced. When the degradation process begins, it can be noticed by looking at the display from a right angle. It will show some change in the colors and visual characteristics of objects.

Why users iPhone X are complaining about his screen

This behavior OLED – matrix is ​​considered normal and natural. This technology is still far from perfect. But it is energy efficient, provides high contrast and allows you to implement a number of functions that are not available on other types of screens.

How to avoid problems?

There are techniques to avoid screen burn-in. Some of them can be applied independently by the user:

  1. Timely update of the operating system. The company Apple regularly releases newer software versions that add more options to the device and minimize the visual impact of burning OLED chips.
  2. Turn on automatic brightness. This feature is enabled in iPhone X by default. Do not turn it off. Auto brightness can be found in the accessibility settings by tapping on 'Display customization'. This feature does not always work correctly. Sometimes it is difficult for the light sensor to correctly recognize the brightness level. But it will extend the life of the screen. The maximum display brightness is the main factor in the appearance of the burnout effect.
  3. Decrease the auto-lock interval. By default, in iPhone X, the screen goes blank after 30 seconds. This time may not be enough for some users. This setting allows you to increase the life of the OLED – matrix. The face recognition feature prevents the screen from locking while you are looking at it. Even if you do not touch the sensor, the display will remain active. Therefore, a short auto-lock interval is unlikely to be a problem.

Why users iPhone X are complaining about his screen

If the period of screen activity has already been increased, then you can change it to the desired value in the settings by going to the 'Screen and brightness' menu item. If signs of matrix burnout are detected, there remains a chance to completely correct or at least suspend the degradation process of light-emitting crystals. You need to turn off your smartphone for a few hours.

After activating the device, the traces of burnout should disappear. If this does not happen, the matrix must be replaced. If you often leave static images (photos, web pages, text documents, etc.) on the screen for a long time in high brightness mode, degradation will appear faster.

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