Wireless Charger for iPhone X

In the fall of 2017, along with the presentation of the flagship smartphone by the company Apple along with traditional accessories, wireless charging for iPhone X was announced, using the induction method in power transmission technology.

wireless charger for iPhone X

What is fast charging in iPhone X and how does it work

iPhone X supports Quick Charge function. It is carried out both with the participation of a standard drive, and wirelessly, using special accessories of the Qi standard. This is either a stand-alone horizontal stand or a car holder with a built-in charging module. Fast charging for iPhone X wirelessly works like this:

  • connecting the accessory to a power source using a special adapter recommended by the manufacturer;
  • installation of the accessory on a level platform or in another place specified in the instructions for its use;
  • placing the iPhone on the accessory pad with the screen facing up;
  • when the icon appears on the display, the phone is charging.

Before charging, it is recommended to turn off vibration and remove the case, if available. If the iPhone gets very hot, it is better to limit its charging at 80% and continue after a while. This measure will increase the battery life.

quick charge for iPhone X with standard drive

Advantages and Disadvantages of Wireless Charging

For those who are tired of endlessly lost wires, a compact device that occupies the usual place on the table or bedside table is certainly suitable. But before purchasing this accessory, it is better to know its pros and cons. Wireless charging for iPhone X is no exception.

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  • any charger that works in the Qi standard is suitable for iPhone 10 and does not require certification Apple;
  • reduced wear and tear on the Lightning cable. It does not require constant removal and connection of the cord, leading to breakage;
  • the device is safe and convenient to use, especially if you define a permanent place for it;
  • use in different versions – separate accessories, built-in charging modules in car holders, pieces of furniture;
  • the charging speed is faster than the traditional charger.
Wireless Charging iPhone X AirPower


  • inability to use the gadget while charging;
  • inadmissibility of finding nearby metal objects, magnetic holders; mounts, cases with magnets placed between the gadget and the charger will reduce its performance;
  • charging speed is inferior to a power supply that supports the Quick Charge option, with a capacity of 18 watts or more.

Wireless Charging Selection for iPhone X

A number of universal Qi standard chargers are offered on the market, differing from each other in performance and functionality. What to look for first of all:

  1. Power. The recommended value is 7.5 – 10 W. Preference is given to a wireless charger for iPhone X equipped with an additional Quick Charge option.
  2. Consumption. A plug is purchased separately, the output characteristics of which correspond to the input data of wireless charging. A good choice is the option with an integrated power supply.
  3. The form. Often found:
    • tablet platform with horizontal orientation. Their distinguishing feature is compactness;
    • docking station in the form of a stand with a vertical orientation. They are more convenient in finding an access point and reading content;
    • a transformer that changes orientation as needed and combines the qualities of a platform and a docking station.
  4. Brand. The cost of a product from one of the trusted brands, such as Spigen, Anker, Mophie, Momax, Rock, Nillkin, Baseus, ranges from 2.5 to 10 thousand rubles.

Original AirPower Wireless Charging

Apple announced the unparalleled AirPower. Wireless charging iPhone X, like all the company's products, has a minimalist design and will decorate the interior of the room. The apple accessory is also supported by the ability to charge up to 3 iPhones or other apple gadgets at the same time, and their location within the rug does not matter.

The best chargers from other manufacturers

wireless charger for iPhone X Momax

It should be understood that a new accessory Apple is not cheap. And his function, like other brands of devices, is to charge gadgets. Therefore, it is up to the user to decide whether to make such a purchase or not. Popular offers on the market:

  1. Momax Q.DOCK2 FAST Wireless Charger (UD5). Released in the form of a docking station and equipped with 2 reels, allowing you to place the gadget in a vertical and horizontal position. Available in 2 colors: black and white. Designed for iPhone 8 and up. The set includes a Micro USB cable. Power 10 W.
  2. Momax Q. Pad X Ultra Slim Wireless Charger (UD6). The 10W tablet pad is horizontally oriented and compatible with gadgets that support the Qi protocol. Connected via Micro USB cable, available in white or black. The accessory is made of thermoplastic, covered on top with an anti-slip silicone compound.
  3. Rock W2 Car Wireless Charging Stand (WTS-C002-005). The car holder equipped with a charging pad is compatible with iPhones above version 8. Made of heat-resistant and impact-resistant polymer. The power of the device is 5 W.

Buying a wireless charger from trusted manufacturers instills confidence in the safety and quality of the product, as well as in obtaining the right to warranty service.

wireless charging iPhone X Momax

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